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  1. I agree it is hugely trended to market something as crocheted right now...but I can't tell you how many items I've come across in stores and online that are most definitely NOT crocheted.
  2. I use my Denise set, as well as my bamboo set purchased from eknittingneedles.com extensively and am very happy with both. Actually, I have two bamboo sets: one of afghan hooks and one of double-ended hooks. I am the luckiest girl alive.
  3. I checked it out and see what you mean. I would definitely use the H & I hooks as the pattern specifically recommends worsted weight yarn. Significant typo there!
  4. I would make a little test swatch first, to see if the red even bleeds. If it does, here is what I would do (mind you, I am a bit crazy)... I would make a very, very basic quick, swatch in the red, enough to use as much as you would use in the hat. Then I would wash it enough to make sure it wouldn't bleed anymore. Then, I would pull out the fastening knot, and directly crochet from the swatch to the new hat. Then I would know that the red had been washed and was no longer going to bleed. That being said though, I've used lots of colored cottons (think Sugar N Cream) with whites and haven't had any problems in the wash thus far. Good luck!
  5. Actually, in some places you DO have to be certified to teach. I teach at two local Michael's and I had to get certified first through the CIP linked above. Speaking of which...does that mean I get the little TEACH icon next to my name? Or is that only for people who teach here at the 'Ville?
  6. Nothing better than when your child will actually willingly wear something you make them. Sigh...wish it would happen to me.
  7. Hey everyone! I just started a chapter of the Crochet Guild of America, here in the IE. If you are interested in joining and coming to some meetings, please PM me your email address! There is no cost to join, and it is going to be an awesome way to meet new friends with a common obsession.
  8. Wow! That sweater turned out AMAZING! Love the short sleeves, and the edging along the front! I just love to see how something so basic gets turned into so many wonderful new concepts by so many clever, creative people.
  9. Just heard about this one today! The deadline is tight, but could be awesome! Check it out. Happy Hooking!
  10. Wow. First, I am so sorry for your sudden loss. That is heartbreaking. Second, if making the blanket makes YOU feel better, then do it. Don't do it for someone else though. They are going to be dealing with this in their own way. But if you are comforted making this blanket for everyone, I think anyone receiving that gift would be quite appreciative.
  11. There isn't really a "type" of crochet needed, but you will need a piece of graph paper. At least, it would be helpful if you have one. Figure out your gauge, spell out your letters, keeping in mind the ultimate height and length of the desired piece. Then, make sure you change colors correctly so the letters show up seamlessly. Depending on how many letters are going around the bracelet, you may just want to carry the secondary color all the way around, on every round. However, keep in mind that doing so will make the bracelet a bit thicker than you intended. If you are making it with floss though, the extra thickness probably won't be too much of an issue. ETA: Oh, and note that all your letters will be offset slightly, as if written in italics. That's just the nature of stranded crochet (unless worked back and forth, which would make carrying the color a bit, um, difficult. LOL).
  12. I am just a bit confused by the question. Are you wondering how far apart to make the holes? How big to make the holes? Or how to crochet into those holes?
  13. I will tell you this: using a machine to sew handles onto fabric purses can be tricky enough! You have to have a very wide swing arm and plenty of space between the foot and the handle. When you are working with crocheted fabric, it gets even tougher. Running the fabric through the dogs can cause catches and snags. You can run a piece of wax paper under the fabric and then just peel it off after you've sewn the handles on. But even that can be problematic. So, can you? I suppose, sure. Should you? Well, that will all depend on how adventurous and brave you are. And how much time and effort was vested in that bag of yours. My suggestion is to sew the handles on by hand, either with needle and thread, or with tapestry needle and yarn.
  14. Welcome, Debbie! I am in SoCal too...Corona, to be exact. Whereabouts are you?
  15. No, a swift is a funny looking device with "arms" that you drape the yarn around. Then you extend the arms so the yarn is taut. You thread one end of the yarn around something and turn the crank, winding the yarn into a perfect cake.
  16. I used the 50% off coupon and bought one from Joanns. I like it! A swift would have been better but I couldn't find one at the time.
  17. Perhaps it is the same as a shallow single crochet (where it goes through the middle of the stitch), or even a (where it goes through the back of the stitch).
  18. Once you've completed your 27th chain, count back 6 chains from the last one you made. In that chain, you will make your (3dc, ch 1, 3dc). Or, if it helps to go the other way, you will make (3dc, ch 1, 3dc) in the 22nd chain from the beginning. Hope that helps! Oh, and the extra 6 chains at the end probably equate to 1 dc and a chain 3.
  19. What a great pattern! Thanks for sharing!
  20. If you are working top down, stop increasing when the diameter of the circle reaches approximately 1/3rd the desired finished circumference. A little less is OK too, as most hats will stretch a bit.
  21. So are you working the hat side-to-side? If so, you could just measure the whole length (or width, depending on how you are holding the hat) of the fabric and that would be your circumference. If the hat is being worked top-down, measure across the circle (or square) and multiply that number by 3. That would be your approximate circumference. If the hat is finished, fold it flat and measure across the bottom. Multiply by 2 and that will be your circumference. Does that help?
  22. Ah, that's better! I would definitely agree with Jean. Puff stitch, in the round.
  23. Are those motifs joined together? Or do they look like puffs? Do you have a better pic? From what I can see, it looks like stockinette, which is knitted, or possibly sc done in the v part of the stitch. It's just too hard to tell from that picture.
  24. amydepew

    V- st increase

    Hmm...what part exactly doesn't look right to you? And which increase is giving you trouble? Row 10? Or Row 11? Also, could you post a pic so we can see where your problem is? Looking forward to helping you! And welcome to Crochetville!
  25. amydepew


    Although I cannot speak from experience, I have heard of winding a certain amount of yarn on special bobbins that just hang behing your work as you go along. Of course, to me that would mean even more ends to weave and it sounds like it would mess up tension. But that's what I've heard. .
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