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  1. I'm 45 and have been crocheting for 21 years.
  2. I plan on making some for the guys for X-mas. I am just going to do it like ribbing. I saw one in the Cabela's catalog , fancy of course, and i also am going to make them the neckwarmers by Dot to go with.I did it in ( the neckwarmer) in florescent orange last year.
  3. I was left handed and so was my sister who crocheted! I was 25. What was so funny was that her husband and my husband were into the super mario brothers game and I was bored sitting there watching and I was pregnant so i thought it was a good time to learn. To this day I hear that game it makes me want to crochet! lol
  4. I wondered also. I was reading (I think on the lionbrand stories) and a woman called herself a Master crocheter and Master knitter. What it that? When I look at a pattern I Read it and see if i can figure it out or not, but then i like a challenge too!
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