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  1. its very beautiful
  2. Its an acrylic yarn,locally made.No good yarns available here. I ve been trying this pattern for 3 yrs.finally i was able to make it after reading AmyS thread about this shawl.she has dissected the pattern and made it so read her thread.
  3. I ve been delaying this project for 4 months.Because im afraid i wont complete it.Thread projects scare me.This motif is pretty easy.I ve already made 2 I need to speed up.
  4. the pattern is for a 72 x 90 inch table and it requires 320 motifs i still have to ask my friend the dimensions of her table...
  5. working on this scarf.the pattern is on Drops website.
  6. i finally completed my first seraphina.i love it here's a closeup
  7. Hi...this pattern is summer snowflake tablecloth.its quite easy but a pretty long planning to give it to a best friend living in minneapolis.
  8. its so lovely.another project added to my already long list.
  9. thanks Amy for making the pattern easy.i have been trying to make it for last 3 yrs.finally i ve started one.thanks again
  10. very already making my first the pattern,esp after Amy made it so easy to understand.
  11. these are adorable
  12. oooo !!! a cute baby and a lovely dress
  13. welcome
  14. thanx for the brother( 7 yrs old) already wants one.
  15. This is my first attempt at writing a pattern.Its simple and very easy.only takes half an hour. 4.5mm hook a small amount of ww yarn chain 9 .(about 2 inches wide) row 1: slip st in front loop of 1st st from the hook and all sts 1.turn repeat row 1 till piece measures 4 inches. end on RS. fold work in half with WS facing out.slip st thru both front and back along adjacent 2 sides. fasten off.weave in ends. turn inside out. a tiny pocket has been made. join yarn at the seam edge of back flap and ch 1.slip st 11 sts across to the other seam 1.turn. Row 1(WS):rep row 1 Row 2 : rep row 1 Row 3 :rep row 1 Row 4(RS): slip st 2 sts together,slip st 7 sts,slip st last 2 sts 1 ,turn Row 5: slip 2 sts tog,slip st 5 sts,slip st last 2 sts tog.ch1,turn. continue till 3 sts remain. DO NOT ch 1.turn. Next Row:ch 2.skip 2 sts.slip st in last st.a tiny loop made.fasten off.weave in ends. Sew large bead or button. Ta da