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  1. If it is awkward using it without doing so, then do so. Typically a pattern will tell you the # of chains to chain BEFORE you turn the work and then those "turning chains" help you to rotate the work below the hook without having to remove the hook itself... Your example is slightly unusual because 1) often when you work in the round you do not turn - whereas you usually do turn at the end of rows when working in rows (unless you work back with reverse crochet...) 2)it tells you to turn before giving you a turning/height chain (which will probably be given at the beginning of the next
  2. My mum taught me - she tried first when I was quite young, but I never got the hang of it. Then I tried to teach myself when in college. Then, after I got married, we went home for a visit a year later and she showed me again and I got the hang of it and took off and that was about 7 years ago, making me about 27 or 28...
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