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    I've crocheted on and off all my life.
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    North Texas
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    Reading, teaching, crocheting
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    mom and teacher
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    over 30 years
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    right now - socks
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  1. Jackie, Thanks for the welcome. What pattern and yarn did you use for your socks? Any photos of them? I'd love to see them. I hope to post some pics of my attempts soon.
  2. I know they're out there, but I haven't bought one yet. One I was particularly interested in didn't get the greatest reviews for the help given for fitting etc. I found a good pattern on the net for socks to be worn in shoes. I've been making tweaks to that and adjusting for my crochet tension, thread etc.
  3. Hi! Thanks for the welcome! I'll try to take some photos and post soon. I'm getting close to making decent socks to wear in real shoes. :-)
  4. Hi Dawn. Thanks for the friendly greeting.
  5. Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I tried to reply to everyone with a quick post, but I think the messages all ended up in a row at the end. My apologies.
  6. Hi LaurieE. Thanks for the warm Florida welcome!
  7. Thanks for the welcome PinkLamb. How do you get to crochet a piece for a monster truck driver. :-)
  8. Hello Queen Moirae! So glad to meet other crocheting Texans.
  9. Hi, Karen! Nice to see there are other crocheters in North Texas. Almost everyone I know knits.
  10. Thanks for the welcome, Maria. You have many lovely patterns on your website. :-)
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