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  1. Trying to access the round ripple tree skirt by Lisa and it says there is an error message
  2. OMG!! I have to make this for my nephew Brandon. He loves pirates. I have made him 2 eye patches...one for home and one for my place....He will love this though. Maybe if I get myself moving I can do it for his birthday. Thanks for sharing.
  3. I just finished a shawl but it was a gift and I rushed to pack and mail it that I forgot to take a picture. I used Caron one pounder in Lilac. I crochet kinda tight so it took about 18 oz. luckily I had some extra from an afghan left over. I had 45 rows including the shell edge. I was in need of a quick gift and had very little time and found this pattern in my to do file. It was perfect. I have several others I want to make and since it only took me about 4 1/2 hours over 3 days to finish I can get started now and have a good jump start on Christmas gifts. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pattern. I just love it.
  4. those bunnies are so cute. they are gonna be multiplying at my house!! LOL Thanks for sharing. wendy
  5. I haven't posted for quite awhile. Life has gotten in my way!! LOL Anyways I didn't like my nephew Lev's shades of blues afghan That I had started so I changed colors to red, black and a little white. It looks soo much better. It is getting colder now so I can work on these again, but I know I can't do them all before Christmas. SO now they are gonna get them for birthday presents. I still got 2 full afghans to do and 2 that are only about half done. I just don't know how I could get it all done in time for Christmas. Oh well they will be happy to get them for their birthday too. wendy
  6. I am slowly working on my afghans for Christmas gifts. I got 2 that are wip and am ready to order my yarn for the last 3. other than that I haven't gotten anything done.
  7. I am still plugging away on my nephews afghan. my niece montanas is too big to work with now. maybe if we get a cooler day i can get to her rr. I got some bananaberry red heart yarn for my niece Kyiva. I am gonna order the coordinating yarn at http://www.craftsetc.com they have the red heart super saver on sale for $1.87 until 8-5-08 and shipping is free for orders over $25. I need to pick colors for another niece and nephew and order theirs too.
  8. wow! where did everyone go??????? I know it is really tooooo hot to work on afghans right now.
  9. Got 25 rows on my new round ripple done. got about 10 or so more rounds to go before it gets too hot to work on. then I'll start the next one.
  10. I started my next rr today while watching movies. Not sure if I like the colors but I am sure it will be fine when I get more done.
  11. I finally got all my yarn to start my nephew Levs afghan. I might stop at wally world and get some for niece Kyivas tomorrow. I want to work on them until it is too big and hot then I will put it aside till cooler weather comes. I still have 3 1/2 big(85" across) to make and a slightly smaller one for christmas presents. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July holiday!!
  12. this is one I want to try also. I want to make one for my mom to use as a centerpiece on her kitchen table for the patriotic holidays. I got lots of round ripples to work on first though. maybe I can squeeze a star in on my lunch break.
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