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    Since the 70's
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  1. cpsmith81007

    Any Colorado Springs crochet-ers out there?

    Hello! I'm in Pueblo! You're not far at all.
  2. cpsmith81007

    Shawl Giveaway! - WINNER SELECTED!!!

    It is beautiful! I would love the chance to win it! Chris
  3. cpsmith81007

    Tote for Giveaway- WINNER ANNOUNCED!!

    I would love a chance to win this! It's beautiful! Please add me! Thanks, Chris
  4. cpsmith81007

    C’Ville November 2010 Tote

    Beautiful as always Mary Jo! Fall is my favorite season! Chris
  5. cpsmith81007

    Crochet WashCloth Giveaway - WINNER CHOSEN

    How fun! I pick 351
  6. cpsmith81007

    C’Ville June 2010 Tote

    Very nice! Rainbow Sherbert is suitable! Chris
  7. cpsmith81007

    2 Blankets for a Cancer Benefit that I just finished.

    Beautiful!! Chris
  8. cpsmith81007

    Crochetville Tote Number 50

  9. cpsmith81007

    Crochetville Tote Number 50

    Beautiful as always! I know whoever gets it will love it! Chris
  10. cpsmith81007

    #2 April "No Foolin' " Hook Case.....

    I'm sure they will love it! It's beautiful! Chris
  11. cpsmith81007

    C’Ville May 2010 Tote

    Lovely! I love the colors! Chris
  12. cpsmith81007

    Turtle's April TLC tote is done!

    How pretty!! I love it!!
  13. cpsmith81007

    C’Ville April 2010 Tote

    It is beautiful! Great job as always!
  14. cpsmith81007

    Afghan for all Holidays!

    Thank you all for all the compliments! Chris
  15. cpsmith81007

    Easy Diaper Cover Pattern

    Here's mine! I will be making more for my Granddaughter. Well written! Thanks! Chris