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  1. Hi everyone! I don't think anyone will remember me, its been a long time since I've been here. Life just got a little interesting to say the least:lol I hope to be able to come back often like I used to, but I think, no I know I'm gonna be a little busy very soon. I'm due with #5, a GIRL!!! June 2! The boys are actually all excited and ask me every day how many more days they have to wait for their baby sister to come. Well, I just wanted to say hi! And hopefully be able to share lots of my own projects with you all again! Melanie
  2. Well, I've been bad and haven't posted FOREVER!!! But I do have lots of goodies to share! I actually have more pics, but they are of stamps I have made (4 of them), a rubix cube I transformed into a Mario cube, and lots of perler bead thingys. I joined a Mario themed swap on Craftster, thats why theres s o much Mario stuff I have to tally up my stuff and change my sig line.
  3. Thanks tralee and Lindsay. The shawl IS for ME ME ME!! lol. I never make anything for myself, so thats why it was a good challenge. The baby blanket I am in love with! Its from Spring 09 Interweave called Solas Caomh. I am afraid of cables....well, I WAS. Now I wanna find one just like it to fit me!!!
  4. Kendall your guys are too cute! You are very soon going to be overrun by crocheted amis!!! I got 2 more to add to my count from the Olympic Games. I made a baby blanket and a shawl. Heres pics....
  5. When you buy your yarn in hanks,like this http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40842075&ref=cat2_gallery_1 for example, theres no centre pull and you HAVE TO wind it before using it. THats where a ball winder is great. When the yarn is in a centre pull skein then you don't need it. The ball winder also winds your pulls to centre pull balls.
  6. Hi Kendall!!!!!!!! I LOVE your lovebug! I want that pattern too and her devil.
  7. I already posted these on the 52 in 52 thread, but wanted to share here too. My twins are just obsessed with Mario related videogames and I found a bunch of awesome patterns and made them all! Here they are, I tried to pose them to surprise them. And I was soooo surprised that I wasn't told "Thanks, but you forgot.....xxxx insert name here xxxx" lol Thanks for looking!!!!!!!
  8. Woohoo!!! I did it!! I got the boys Valentines done!!!! I'm late on the games, but its OK, I'll make it up (I hope:eek) So, I'll be adding 12, YES 12 projects to my done list!! Heres the pics of each of their gifts. They each got Mario enemies but one got Mario and one got Luigi. I just know that when they see them tomorrow, all I will hear is "Ya, but, you forgot........":lol Well, they'll have to wait a bit more. Thanks for looking!!!!
  9. WOW! You are totally awesome! I didn't think I'd get too much response here. I can't slick their hair back, cuz they just got buzz cuts, oh well. But I really like the hat ideas! Especially the propellor one. Maybe, cuz they're twins and in the same class, I can do one of each!!! Thanks so much!
  10. OK, this may be in the totally wrong thread, but I wondered if anyone could help me out with some ideas. My kindergartners - 2 boys - have a special day coming up. Its the 50th day of school, so for it they have a 50s day. They dress up like they did in the 50s, eat 50s snacks, play 50s games, all that stuff. Well, if I had girls I could make some cute little poodle skirts or something, but nope, boys. Is there anything I could make them for this? Even a toy to cary with, or something to wear?????.... OH, its on March 5, so I got plenty of time, or so I think:lol
  11. OK, I've been starting quite a few projects for the boys, but just had a thought that I could give them to them for Valentines!! So....I have 6 nearly finished and......about 8 to do. I think I can, I think I can:cheer....And I just joined the games for the first time!! Sounds like lots of fun. Hopefully will post pics of finished things today! Off to work.
  12. I'm never a very good poster, but I read all the time!! And you guys are all doing amazing! SHerri, I have to say I love your quilts, and your doily is just beautiful! I have made a few things with thread, but they are few and far between cuz they kill my hands! I haven't gotten anything finished lately, but I have started several things!! I hope quite a few will be done next week!!
  13. Your quilt is brautiful! That is one craft taht I really would love to do. I buy mags for quilting and everything, but I just can't do it. Awesome work Sherri! I got 2 little things made up today. They weren't on my to do list, but as I was browsing through Ravelry, my boys saw a pattern for Bobombs (from Mario) and they just had to have them! Now I made 2 of them and they have a long list of things to go with them!! I'll take pics tomorrow when they're at school and I can get them out of their hands.
  14. That teddy bear is just adorable!! And I don't usually like rugs, but I really like yours ScoobyDoo.:cheerWe're really getting stuff done here!!!!
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