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  1. mama24boyz

    Just wanted to say hi!!

    Hi everyone! I don't think anyone will remember me, its been a long time since I've been here. Life just got a little interesting to say the least:lol I hope to be able to come back often like I used to, but I think, no I know I'm gonna be a little busy very soon. I'm due with #5, a GIRL!!! June 2! The boys are actually all excited and ask me every day how many more days they have to wait for their baby sister to come. Well, I just wanted to say hi! And hopefully be able to share lots of my own projects with you all again! Melanie
  2. mama24boyz

    Read Post #613 (52 Projects in 52 Weeks!)

    Well, I've been bad and haven't posted FOREVER!!! But I do have lots of goodies to share! I actually have more pics, but they are of stamps I have made (4 of them), a rubix cube I transformed into a Mario cube, and lots of perler bead thingys. I joined a Mario themed swap on Craftster, thats why theres s o much Mario stuff I have to tally up my stuff and change my sig line.
  3. My Moms is just hung on the wall. I added a hanging loop to the top and she put a rod through that. But I bet if you get a shadow box you could easily frame it in that. Maybe if you were to do that, use a smaller hook (I used a 4.5 mm) so that it doesn't come out huge (mine was about 50 x 50) Thanks again everyone!!!!
  4. mama24boyz

    Read Post #613 (52 Projects in 52 Weeks!)

    Thanks tralee and Lindsay. The shawl IS for ME ME ME!! lol. I never make anything for myself, so thats why it was a good challenge. The baby blanket I am in love with! Its from Spring 09 Interweave called Solas Caomh. I am afraid of cables....well, I WAS. Now I wanna find one just like it to fit me!!!
  5. mama24boyz

    Read Post #613 (52 Projects in 52 Weeks!)

    Kendall your guys are too cute! You are very soon going to be overrun by crocheted amis!!! I got 2 more to add to my count from the Olympic Games. I made a baby blanket and a shawl. Heres pics....
  6. mama24boyz

    yarn winder? why?

    When you buy your yarn in hanks,like this http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40842075&ref=cat2_gallery_1 for example, theres no centre pull and you HAVE TO wind it before using it. THats where a ball winder is great. When the yarn is in a centre pull skein then you don't need it. The ball winder also winds your pulls to centre pull balls.
  7. mama24boyz

    Read Post #613 (52 Projects in 52 Weeks!)

    Hi Kendall!!!!!!!! I LOVE your lovebug! I want that pattern too and her devil.
  8. mama24boyz

    My Boys Valentines Presents

    I already posted these on the 52 in 52 thread, but wanted to share here too. My twins are just obsessed with Mario related videogames and I found a bunch of awesome patterns and made them all! Here they are, I tried to pose them to surprise them. And I was soooo surprised that I wasn't told "Thanks, but you forgot.....xxxx insert name here xxxx" lol Thanks for looking!!!!!!!
  9. mama24boyz

    Read Post #613 (52 Projects in 52 Weeks!)

    Woohoo!!! I did it!! I got the boys Valentines done!!!! I'm late on the games, but its OK, I'll make it up (I hope:eek) So, I'll be adding 12, YES 12 projects to my done list!! Heres the pics of each of their gifts. They each got Mario enemies but one got Mario and one got Luigi. I just know that when they see them tomorrow, all I will hear is "Ya, but, you forgot........":lol Well, they'll have to wait a bit more. Thanks for looking!!!!
  10. mama24boyz


    WOW! You are totally awesome! I didn't think I'd get too much response here. I can't slick their hair back, cuz they just got buzz cuts, oh well. But I really like the hat ideas! Especially the propellor one. Maybe, cuz they're twins and in the same class, I can do one of each!!! Thanks so much!
  11. mama24boyz


    OK, this may be in the totally wrong thread, but I wondered if anyone could help me out with some ideas. My kindergartners - 2 boys - have a special day coming up. Its the 50th day of school, so for it they have a 50s day. They dress up like they did in the 50s, eat 50s snacks, play 50s games, all that stuff. Well, if I had girls I could make some cute little poodle skirts or something, but nope, boys. Is there anything I could make them for this? Even a toy to cary with, or something to wear?????.... OH, its on March 5, so I got plenty of time, or so I think:lol
  12. mama24boyz

    Lots of sweet baby things

    :clapCongratulations Jessica!!!!!!!
  13. mama24boyz

    Read Post #613 (52 Projects in 52 Weeks!)

    OK, I've been starting quite a few projects for the boys, but just had a thought that I could give them to them for Valentines!! So....I have 6 nearly finished and......about 8 to do. I think I can, I think I can:cheer....And I just joined the games for the first time!! Sounds like lots of fun. Hopefully will post pics of finished things today! Off to work.
  14. mama24boyz

    Read Post #613 (52 Projects in 52 Weeks!)

    I'm never a very good poster, but I read all the time!! And you guys are all doing amazing! SHerri, I have to say I love your quilts, and your doily is just beautiful! I have made a few things with thread, but they are few and far between cuz they kill my hands! I haven't gotten anything finished lately, but I have started several things!! I hope quite a few will be done next week!!
  15. mama24boyz

    Read Post #613 (52 Projects in 52 Weeks!)

    Your quilt is brautiful! That is one craft taht I really would love to do. I buy mags for quilting and everything, but I just can't do it. Awesome work Sherri! I got 2 little things made up today. They weren't on my to do list, but as I was browsing through Ravelry, my boys saw a pattern for Bobombs (from Mario) and they just had to have them! Now I made 2 of them and they have a long list of things to go with them!! I'll take pics tomorrow when they're at school and I can get them out of their hands.