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  1. Hello! I have a coworker whose granddaughter (~6YO) was just diagnosed with leukemia. I'd like to make a comfort shawl for her daughter, and I was wondering if anyone could make suggestions as to a nice one that's fairly quick to work up? I've looked at Ravelry, but there are just SO MANY that I was hoping for some input from someone whose actually made one. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey there I'm HORRIBLE at choosing colors that work well with each other, and I love ALL colors, so that doesn't help any, LOL! It seems like I've seen something at one point that helps you pick out coordinating/complementary colors (even if you don't actually think that they would), and am wondering if anyone might be able to point something like that out to me? Thanks in advance for any/all help! <3
  3. Amish looking? Really??!? Have you SEEN the handmade quilts that they sell in Pennsylvania in the Amish areas? They are BEYOND compare, and worth every penny. Anyway! I've always been really afraid to give crocheted gifts to those I don't know VERY well, for this very reason. Luckily, the worst reaction I've gotten so far was no reaction at all (no thank you card or call for a mailed crocheted baby gift), and when at a craft fair, asking me why they should pay this much for a hat I made when they can get it "at Walmart" for a lot cheaper. I asked her to go buy one and bring it to s
  4. Hi! So, I have a boss who has a milestone coming up. She's a pretty classy lady; she likes a lot of the crochet stuff that I do, but I've only ever made her a pile of washcloths to pair with homemade soap for a Christmas swap (since we had a $$ limit of only $10). I would like to make her a wearable that I can finish with some of the beautiful buttons I picked up a while back, perhaps a sweater or a shrug or something like that. Trouble is, I'm VERRRY impatient, and usually only make small things because of that. I'm wondering if anyone might be able to suggest a wearable that I co
  5. We went over to their house, since the husband wasn't at work due to the wife's first chemo session, so I just gave it to her there, and explained what it was (and that it was fully washable and dryable!). She seemed to really like it, even as tired as she was. I hope it gives her some comfort. Thanks to all!
  6. I'm going to be laid up for the next 5 days or so, and I thought I might start making hats for the upcoming winter craft fair season. I was planning on making the animal hats that I had such success with last year; is it reasonable for me to expect that they'll be popular again next season? I just don't want to make all kinds of, say, owl hats, only to find out that nobody wants those anymore! Any insight or thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello! I am in the process of crocheting a "comfort shawl" for one of my husband's co-workers' wife, who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer. I would like to add a card with the shawl to accompany it, but I'm at a loss as to what to say. I do not know this lady personally, and am not sure if she has any religious affiliation. I was hoping to keep it non-denominational and tactful. I tried Googling but didn't have much luck. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance! ~ Darsa
  8. Oh my gosh, that's absolutely IT!! Now to try to find some to purchase, thank you SO much! =D
  9. I do know that it's not I Love This Yarn, because we don't have anywhere around here that sells that, and I've only placed two orders online, neither of which were Hobby Lobby. Thank you though; I will most likely place an order online with HL, and I'll blame you when my hubby complains I am afraid that this will be my new addiction... this is an AWESOME resource! Thank you so much for pointing it out!
  10. LOL, that's my Luna, and I was hoping to make something for her with that yarn, because she LOVES to sit on that hat! It's definitely deliciously colored like the Red Heart, but MUCH softer, and somewhat thicker, though still definitely would consider it to be worsted... It's one of the first things I've made so I imagine it might be discontinued. =/
  11. I have been hunting for this particular yarn, which is very nice and cozy-soft, and the colors speak to me! Does anyone have any idea what it's called, and/or where it's sold?? Thanks!
  12. Wow, what a gorgeous pattern! I love the design; I just wish I had the patience to make such things
  13. None of those are the one I was looking for, but the last one should work; don't know why it didn't show up for me! Thanks
  14. I know I've seen it... it's a beanie that's put together to look like the monster is eating the kid's head, with little teeth hanging down. I have a request for a hat that I think calls for that pattern. I tried to find it but haven't had any luck. Anyone know whereabouts it might be?? Thanks!
  15. Exactly my thought, RecycleCindy; I plan to make (at least) one of these to add to a tote for my sister =D Thanks so much for sharing the pattern, Rachel!
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