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  1. Finishing up this sweater, and then I am DEFINITELY making this for my cousin's baby, who's due to arrive in June =D Thanks so much!
  2. For some reason, the term "go frilly" just tickles me to death! Thank you so much for this pattern; I think I might try it out. I made a round ripple Christmas Tree Skirt a couple of years ago, and I've gotten a LOT of compliments on it.
  3. Okay, now when you say "join to work in the round now", are you referring to joining at row five for rows 5 and 6, or do you join after row 6, and start the shells and such for the skirt in the round? I'm still a little fuzzy on where the arm-holes are, but I'm only on the fourth row, so I'm sure it'll resolve itself when I get there! Thanks muchly for sharing this!
  4. Let's see, my sister-in-law taught me to crochet (there are no yarnies on my side of the family since my nana passed. Wierd!) and I believe I was 34 or so, so about 4 years I've been crocheting...
  5. I'm very curious to hear how this comes out; keep us informed!
  6. Ugh! These adorable patterns are killing me! Here at work when I just want to be crocheting!! Thanks so much for sharing
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