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    Crafter's Thingy

    New resolution of 2016: do not neglect blog! Write up lots of patterns! So to start things off, here's my first free pattern of 2016. This is the first thing I've made and kept for myself in YEARS - I love it :-) I asked people what I should call something like this and the suggestions were not helpful: a thingummy. A thingamajig. A thingy. So, a thingy it is.
  2. Miss Crochet

    Owls, Penguins, Robins

    These were inspired by a lovely little owl made by Anna (Apak). You can make them as keychains or use them as Christmas decorations. Pattern can be downloaded HERE!
  3. Miss Crochet

    Margaret Square

    Here we go! Pattern available for download here
  4. Miss Crochet

    Margaret Square Afghan

    This is my new pattern, the Margaret Square (-> 'Daisy' was a nickname for girls called Margaret, but I thought this was a bit more demure than Daisy, so it became a Margaret square instead.) Pattern will follow tomorrow
  5. Miss Crochet

    Diamond Stitch - Crochet Stitch

    Love it ... so many possibilities ...
  6. Miss Crochet

    Cozy Christmas Cottage Tissue Cover

    Gorgeous! Really cute! I'd been working on something similar, but abandoned it ... now I see yours, I feel inspired (and Christmassy!) again :-)
  7. Miss Crochet

    Stars & Flowers in Pastels

    Finished the babyghan!
  8. Thread Title: OPEN: Stars & Flowers afghan Pattern Information Pattern Description: You will be required to make THREE motifs Pattern Style (written, symbol chart, etc.): written, with photos Pattern Photo (optional): Skill Level: intermediate Yarn/Material/Tools Required (specify which will supplied by designer and which by tester): yarn scraps in five different colours, preferably WW yarn Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 2. Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: One week (by 29th July) - earlier would be appreciated Deadline: 29-7-2013 Tester Experience: I would prefer testers who have tested before and know the ropes! Tester Responsibilities: This project has already been tested by three other great crocheters, their changes have been noted and added. Now I need a couple of pairs of 'fresh eyes' to work through the pattern again and make sure there are no oddities. I need people with eagle eyes, methodical crocheters - careful testing to make sure my stitch counts are right :-) Any Special Software Requirements: PDF reader Compensation Please specify what compensation you are offering to pattern testers: A copy of the final pattern and a copy of one of my other paid patterns.
  9. Miss Crochet

    Stars & Flowers in Pastels

    I certainly will!
  10. Miss Crochet

    Stars & Flowers in Pastels

    Skatters - I used a German yarn brand called Bravo Schachenmayr. I'm working on the pattern at the minute and I'll include yarn colour suggestions for RHSS, so North American users can make something similar or look at the yarn chart online as a guide for picking out their own yarn. But thank you for your compliment, I'm very glad you like it!
  11. Miss Crochet

    CLOSED: Stars & Flowers - 2 Testers needed

    Thanks Wendy. Could you please PM me your email address?
  12. Miss Crochet

    Stars & Flowers - Amerighan

    Okay, self praise is no praise, this I know. But I am really loving this pattern and I can't wait to finish writing it up and make it available for sale. This is the same pattern as the two afghans in the next post, the only difference is a different colour palette and one stitch difference. I'd previously made a 'Flowers' afghan, so this one was made to show the 'Stars'. And for some reason, I thought of the American flag (different types of stars, I know!) and thought this might look quite spiffy in red, white and blue. I hope you like it, too! As soon as the weather gets better and brighter, I'll post clearer photos.
  13. Miss Crochet

    Bavarian crochet afghan

    Very beautiful - looks lovely with your pillows!
  14. Miss Crochet

    Stars & Flowers - Amerighan

    Fnished - just need a border!
  15. Miss Crochet

    Stars & Flowers - Amerighan

    Can't post photos - so... in pastels here in stained glass effect here
  16. Miss Crochet

    Need Name for New Pattern

    I'm working on a stained glass window pattern and I'm nearly finished the first prototype. The second blanket will be done in pastels to show the pattern itself (at the moment the bright colours kind of overshadow the actual pattern.) There are lots of afghans with names like 'stained glass window', so I'm looking for something short and descriptive ... but I'm drawing a blank Do any of you creative ladies (and men) have any suggestions?
  17. Miss Crochet

    Need Name for New Pattern

    So .. I just finished the pastel version of this pattern (more photos in Show and Tell!) and I've decided to simply call the pattern 'Stars & Flowers' because, depending on your colour choices, you can make an afghan of stars or flowers! I'm going to try a red/white/blue one for Independence Day as well :-) Thank you all very much for your suggestions. I really liked 'Starburst', 'Kaleidostar' and 'Twinkles' but in the end I thought I should choose a name that shows what the pattern can do.
  18. Miss Crochet

    Klimtchen Baby Blankets (Crazy Patchwork)

    Well, if there's any upside to having had more than a month of sickness and sleepless nights with a small baby, then I guess it's the extra crochet time at 4 o'clock in the morning! I finally managed to sew together the masses of mindless squares that I'd been accumulating ... The link to the tutorial is in the 'Free Patterns' section!
  19. This is a tutorial to give you some ideas for joining your solid granny squares, in order to create colourful and artistic baby blankets! Klimtchen
  20. Miss Crochet

    Need Name for New Pattern

    I'm down south, in Bavaria! It's a lovely country and well worth a visit (if you haven't been already) :-)
  21. Miss Crochet

    Need Name for New Pattern

    Not long, actually. The motifs work up very quickly (I find.) It's just trying to find time to make them with a small baby in tow ... now that's the problem!
  22. Miss Crochet

    Travelling overseas with hooks

    I travel regularly between Ireland and Germany. I always put my hook in my pencil case (I always have a pencil case! I'm a teacher, so maybe that's why ) and have a ball of yarn separately. No one has ever even looked in my pencil case to be honest. I generally take a project that requires no yarn cutting, like the SiSoYa hat (worked with one ball of sock yarn, small stitches and straightforward pattern.)
  23. Miss Crochet

    Need Name for New Pattern

    Wow - there are some fantastic ideas here, thank you all so much!
  24. Miss Crochet

    Circular Afghan

    There's no end to your talent, Karen!
  25. Miss Crochet

    What Are You Working On?

    Thank you, Reni! It's a lot of fun to make :-)