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  1. The Yarnpire returneth! Skylight: The Yarnpire Chronicles II
  2. Hi Ann, I sent off a box of scarves today ... AT! LONG! LAST! I wanted to send 10 but there are two knit scarves in there that are a bit bulkier, so that meant that I could only get 9 in a parcel under 2kg.
  3. Yes, I have. With The Yarnpire Chronicles, for all the fans of the undead.
  4. Yes, I have! And it features our own GrannyAnnie's charity. Here!
  5. The evils of supporting the luxury yarn industry: the tawdry secrets behind the production of mermaid bumfluff.
  6. Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is underway - we're at day five already
  7. New posts - a pattern for a hat and a naughty Christmas letter (we got one from friends that never bother to contact us except to send up a two-page letter at Christmas, telling us all the fabulous things they've done throughout the year. It's a shocking litany of boastfulness!)
  8. My husband teaches me why men and women are different.
  9. Two in November so far - wow! That's a record!
  10. Updated - with news of a shocking discovery
  11. Heather, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your ripple!! I've updated as well - three posts in the one go
  12. Brilliant! (and it's about time they arrived!) When I went to the post office, the lady told me that the parcel post has been really speedy recently - arriving within a week! Well, in this case obviously NOT, I think it only took a month... :lol:lol
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