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  1. We're moving soon to Ohio. Is there anyone out there in a crochet group in the Middletown - Trenton area that might welcome a fellow crocheter?
  2. Oh my goodness! That's perfect! My grandson in in basic @ FT Sill. I promised him an afghan but since he chose the army over Ohio State, I was stumped. ty ty ty....this is a perfect idea!
  3. I always wash my afghans in Downy Free and block them on a hammock in the North Carolina sunshine. Makes them smell great. In NC, this works year round. Visit Created by Msdeb on ETSY > http://www.etsy.com/shop/msdeb51393?ref=seller_info
  4. happily hooked. I would have passed by that pattern as not being something I would want to do. I am glad you have sooo much more imagine than I do. Your afghan is beautiful. I really need to make one. Thank you. Visit Created by Msdeb on ETSY > http://www.etsy.com/shop/msdeb51393?ref=seller_info
  5. I just gotta tell you all of a great idea I had! I'm doing a graphghan and using 7-9 skiens at a time, so I needed several of what we call skein girdles, you know, those mesh nets, like onion bags, that keep a skien from unwinding. Well, only Hobby lobby has them. HL doesn't have a coupon this week and ACMoore and Michael's didn't have a clue as to what I wanted. They're quite expensive for what they are made of. About $5 for 5 nets. They're mesh netting, for Pete's sake. I got a brilliant idea......knee highs! They work great and I have an aboundant supply! Its probably an old trick but none of my crochet group thinks I have a hot idea!
  6. Shoot, I just saw that while researching a pattern this evening. I think its a free pattern. I'll see if I can find it, again. msdeb
  7. thanks DK. I found it in the March '09 issue Crochet Today. Its called Basket Weave. I would have missed the name if I hadn't deen the pic. I don't have an issue or a pattern but it doesn't look so complicated that I can't figure out the pattern by looking @ the pic. Thanks again, for your help. msdeb
  8. I found this one on the net its kind of old fashioned. I attached a pic of one from Herschners Blue Ribbon Afghans, 1998. I made this one in RH green heather. its striking but a bear to sew together. Good luck msdeb http://www.freevintagecrochet.com/afghans/pin-wheel-afghan-pattern.html
  9. Once again, I'm looking for an afghan pattern I saw but didn't keep. It was like a granny square afghan but instead of squares it was geometric shapes that get sewn together. I think I have the perfect yarn to make a child's afghan. I think it was a free handout @ one of the craft stores, probably A.C. Moore or Michael's. Maybe a year ago? Honestly, it could have been in one of the crochet magazines but if it was, I can't find it in any that I have nor have seen on their sites. I have done several afghans for the Levine Childrens' Hospital. I like to make each one special. like it was made for a specific child. It takes a little longer to make but I get bored with sc & dc and lose stitch count. Believe me, mine work looks a lot better if I have to concentrate on each stitch.
  10. You didn't say what part of Texas. We 're in the process of relocating, there, too. Plano by way of Cincinnati then Charlotte, thanks to Bank of America's cutbacks. I haven't contacted any groups but I did check out Crochetville and found 3 crochet groups in the Plano area....Yea! I'm going to miss my groups at the Matthews Levine senior Center and my Dillworth coffeehouse Crochet buddies. So many laughs, so much inspiration and soooo many cups of coffee. I know the groups around Plano are just a friendly and I know I'll make new friends but, gee, its hard to leave.
  11. Look in Annie's Attic's Pink Cancer pattern book. There are step by step directions to cut strips that are several yards long with NO seams! I haven't done it, yet but I think it sounds pretty easy.
  12. V-stitch is quick and easy. Moss stitch always makes a pretty afghan. Shells are my favorite. Simple patterns are the best with verigated yarn. Fancy stitches get lost when the yarn changes colors. A big afghan is nice but several smaller lap-ghans might be more useful. Anything for charity is fun to do
  13. I think it looks great. Can't wait until you have the pattern. I'm going to put this in my favorites so I'll be sure to get it.
  14. I check out this book. Julz's afghan looks soooo much prettier!
  15. Thank you all so much. Every one is so helpful. That's why I love this site!!!!! I knew when I saw Julz's posting I had to make that afghan!
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