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    I've been doing crochet for about 10 years and enjoy working with thread.
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    Since 1995
  1. Very nice Vickie. I did the same thing awhile back with tatting thread, (I think the picture is posted here somewhere) and I really enjoyed it. Your's are wonderful. Joel
  2. Vims, You can buy a lot of her patterns online now, and have them emailed to you, or download them as .pdf files. They're on the site I mentioned in the original post. Joel
  3. I just completed this doily. It's a design by Cylinda Mathews at Crochet Memories. They have a lot of great patterns on their website. This was done in DMC Cebalia (size 10) with a size 8 hook. I'm going to give this one away to a coworker who is retiring, and make another for myself.
  4. What a great doily! I really like the color, too. I'm one of those "nuetral color doily makers," but I've been inspired to try a little color. I admired doilies for a long time and when I made my first one, I was addicted. Enjoy the addiction, and keep posting your finished projects.
  5. I was just surfing around for bikini patterns and came across http://www.adriafil.com. It's in Italian, but there is a drop down language menu that will translate the page into English. On the left hand side of the page is a link to their magazine Dritto & Rovescio. I've seen this publication once in a yarn store and it is really amazing. The best part is, if you click on the cover of the current issue, you can download all the patterns from that issue in .pdf format. Near the top of the page is a link that says "more patterns and more ideas." That will link you to past issues and you can download patterns from them as well. They have some really nice stuff.
  6. Susan, The dolls are amazing! I was inspired to search the patterns out on ebay and have bid on all 3 Coats doll books! I have 4 daughters, and can't wait to try my hand at crocheting them dolls. Joel
  7. Totes are a pet peeve of mine. As a guy, it's nearly impossible to find something without a flower print, or quilting. I do have the large green tote from Lion Brand that I really like. It's got an outside pocket for patterns and books, a zippered pocket inside for hooks, markers, and scissors, and long skinny pockets for knitting needles. This bag is great for storing large projects, or if I'm on road, and I really like the design. I've always thought it would be great to have one scaled down to about half the size (a little larger than a magazine) with a divider that splits the inside into two sections. One for a skien of yarn, and one for the work in process. If anyone comes up with something like I just described, possibly in a cotton duck material, I'd be a potential customer. Joel
  8. http://photobucket.com/albums/a83/suttonjp/?action=view&current=f1a2371b.jpg This is actually my favorite dishcloth pattern. Its #53 in Leisure Arts, "The Big Book of Dishcloths." I made a couple in size 10 thread that turned out really sweet, so I decided to go even smaller. I used tatting thread and a size 13 hook. The quarter is there for reference. I'm hoping to make a pair out of sewing thread, for earrings, but can't find a hook small enough. I've tried to make my own out of a needle, but the points don't bend, they break. If anyone has any suggestions, or sources of superfine hooks, please let me know. Joel
  9. Hi, I'm a new member and wanted to introduce myself. I've been doing crochet for more than 10 years now. I started out as a closet crocheter. Other than my immediate family, no one saw me crochet. My wife has received credit for gifts I made. I never told anyone she made the items, but I never denied it when people made that assumption. About a year ago, I started knitting and took the plunge, I brought my needles and hooks out of the closet and started working on my projects in public. I've been excited and encouraged by the positive responses. I really enjoy working with fine thread and small hooks. I'm also very excited by the current trends in crochet. New fashions and modern "edgy" patterns and books that are coming out, and I look forward my passion for crochet with the rest of this group.
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