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  1. jlybly1

    Summer scarf swap - Please Post your thank yous

    I have the , but , I'm still trying to find the pattern!!!!!!! HELP!!!
  2. jlybly1

    animal crackers on a blanket

    Wow! That is awesome! Where did you find the book?
  3. jlybly1

    ditty bags

    I love these! How big are they??
  4. jlybly1

    Tiny Drawstring Bag

    super cute!
  5. jlybly1

    Crochetville 2009 swap poll -- voting closed.

    I took the poll too, and am eagerly waiting to swap again.:dance:applause:crocheting
  6. jlybly1

    Amigurumi Swap -- Finished Swapping

    I haven't been around in a while. I just saw that you have them on your kitchen shelf. I'm glad you like them.
  7. jlybly1

    Congratulations are in order...

    I love it!!!:cat:cat:manyheart
  8. jlybly1

    amigurumi flower (and flowerpot)

    I got your pattern and tried to make it. But my stem seems so l-o-n-g. Then I didn't put enough pipe cleaner so it drooped! I've frogged it 3 times already. Right now, it is sitting in my UFO pile :rolleyes:embar
  9. jlybly1

    Cat Jumper

    So cute!!! My cat definitely would not sit with clothes on and have her picture taken, let alone sit
  10. jlybly1

    Amigurumi Swap -- Finished Swapping

    I received from Shannie-nae yesterday! For a first timer-you're pretty good! I love him! and I love the chocolate and tea too! I've got to get mine out soon!
  11. jlybly1

    Farmer Bear (2 pics)

    Totally cute! Thanks for sharing!
  12. jlybly1

    Amigurumi Swap -- Finished Swapping

    I sent in my surve too!
  13. jlybly1

    Ideas for marines away at christmas

    here's something I ran across some time ago http://www.usmcmuseum.org/crochetpattern.pdf
  14. jlybly1

    Xmas Tree

    I like your tree! I think crocheted decorations would be really nice too!
  15. jlybly1

    Chakra Purse from Caron Website

    I love it! The color is perfect.