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  1. I have seen extreme knitting before, but that's the first for extreme crochet, although, I did see someone crochet themself into a bag on You Tube once in an hour or so - or something like that. Weird.
  2. I can't get the link to the pattern from the blog to work. But the picture is pretty.
  3. I love that pattern and your afghan, the colors are great.
  4. That is beautiful, rascalsmom, I'm going to have to get that book.
  5. Just some background first: Before I retired I worked at a large office, and the whole office got involved in the cross town rivalry football game every year. It was called the Winnersville Classic and was a week of activities - door decorations, etc. On Friday we had a drawing for afghans I had made in the high school colors of each team. Each person voted for their team by ballot and the winner of the afghan for each team was drawn from the ballot box for that team. Over the years I made at least 20 afghans in each team's colors. I've had people tell me they gave the afghans to graduates, etc. Anyway, (not shortening this story at all) a couple of months ago my sister and I were in Goodwill and I saw one of my afghans on the shelf. Being the curious (think nosy) soul that I am, I examined it for use, tales coming loose, etc. It had been used, I could tell, but was still in good condition. (I have been retired 5 years.) As I put it back on the shelf, the woman behind me asked if I was going to buy it. When I told her no, she picked it up and put it in her cart. The woman across the aisle said she had been looking at and wanted it, too. The first woman said her husband teaches at the high school and she wanted it for him; the other woman said her son will graduate this year and she wanted it for him. So, even though the original owner no longer had any use for that distinctive color afghan (black and gold) there were two others who wanted it. Afghans live on. My original point was, if there was a point to this tale, is that if the original owner doesn't want your gift, take it home with you and find someone who will appreciate your efforts. There are lots of folks who will. I love hearing that people love and use the items that I have made and given to them. That's what makes the whole effort worthwhile for me.
  6. Neat scarf, love the color.
  7. You'll have him crocheting before you know it. Love the car.
  8. Are you sure that the number so stitches is the same at the top as at the bottom? I'm left handed, too, and I don't usually have a problem. I wonder if you are going around the correct stitch for the FP - I mean the one directly beneath or maybe getting the one beside it consistently, that sounds like it may be the problem. I know that many times it can be a problem for beginning crocheters with sc, but shouldn't be a problem with dc. Also, check your gauge, measure a 6 inch section at the top and count the stitches, then do the same at the bottom - if the stitch count is off, then your gauge is the problem. If not, see if you can take a close up picture and post it, maybe some of the teachers here can help.
  9. I think the Jamie is a sport weight yarn, so the simply soft is a heavier weight, you may have to adjust for that.
  10. I don't know if you have ever heard of a Rapunzel scarf, but my 12 year old granddaughter is crazy about the one I made for her; she wears it to school every day. It is made with yarn, (including fun yarn, the fuzzy stuff) beads, ribbons, lace, etc. http://renfroe1.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/rapunzel-scarf/ I tried to add a link to my blog which shows my first attempt at making one, but let your imagination go wild and let her help pick out the makings. I think she will love it. Barbara
  11. I love seeing pictures of the finished items with the recipient; makes it all look real. And she looks so happy. Beautiful woman.
  12. Depending on the size of the bag, you can use the bottom of a T-shirt, cut it off below the sleeves, hand sew across the bottom. Then fold it down and sew it into the top of the bag. A child's T-shirt usually will work for this. What you are really trying to do is be sure that your small belongings will not fall through the holes created by the crochet stitches. Any fabric will do, the T-shirt will protect your things from this. If you are proficient at sewing this will not suit you, but if you are not, don't let your lack of sewing ability keep you from making the bags you like. These can be handsewn into the bags and no one will ever know, just be careful and don't let the sewing thread show on the outside of the bag, take tiny stitches.
  13. I love them!!! I hate having to fasten off and reattach yarn, too. I will try your trick of slip stitch around to the other side for the other flap. Haven't done any hats with ear flaps for that reason. Don't know why I didn't think of that, thanks for the tip.
  14. I used to do a lot of cables, too, but haven't done any in a long time. Don't rememeber now why I stopped. Guess I need to start again, seems they are getting very popular, and I love them. This is very nice, love it.
  15. She can't help but love it, it was made with lots of love in every stitch.
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