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  1. Regina- Absolutely fabulous!!! Oh how I could wear this to work. Since I work at Shriner's we ummm well break bones basically for a living. Well I don't break, I just care for the children post operatively. The orthopods might actually laugh if they saw this scarf. Elizabeth
  2. Oh my I went to check my mail today. And guess what was in there? Another box!!!! The mohair ohhh the mohair... Everything else was very pretty as well. I am feeling very very spoiled by everyone. Thank you so much Elizabeth
  3. Thank you Rescue Ranger! I just received another box today! I love all that is in there... to include the pirate patch!! I also really like the orange thread! I have never seen that color before. Elizabeth
  4. Ann you have been wonderful! This was my first swap and to have a partner bug out was disheartening. You have supplied me with a nice reveal package! I really do like the thread and the patterns you sent. And the yarn, a type I have never worked with before. Now my appologies for thanking you so late. I picked up the box on my way to work on the 2nd. It rode nicely next to me and only taunted me a little bit. So I opened it in the parking garage. I oohed and ahhed and said to myself... must thank Ann. Well the night quickly went downhill. I said to myself I will thank her on the 3rd. Well I woke up and couldnt move my neck very well. I didnt do much. So now I thank you!!!!! Elizabeth
  5. I just wanted to take the time to thank and thank and thank my secret rescue ranger. I received the package yesterday and really needed it (it was a nice pick me up from a stressful time at work). I don't exactly know what I will do with the yarn as of yet, but it is being petted currently! The doily is GORGEUOS!!! It matches my living room perfectly. The shawl is nice and cozy warm and will be nice for the fall while I am sitting on the deck relaxing. Thank you Thank you Thank you soooooo much!!!! Elizabeth PS- If this is not in the correct place I am very sorry. I was unsure as to where to put it.
  6. I have saved most of the electronic patterns in different folders (ie clothing, afghans, home decor and such) some of the pattern folders are even more divided with home decor having pillow patterns, Christmas decor, Halloween decor, and such. On the patterns that I printed or been lucky enough to find in my hunts for ever more patterns. I have three ring binders that I purchase at goodwill. I came across 7 of them for a dollar a piece, which I couldn't pass up since the big ones are normally like 3 to 4 dollars a piece. So in one binder I have afghans, another I have clothing, another doily and thread patterns, and the like. I have a label maker and put labels on the spines of the binder. Then for the patterns and magazines that don't fit into the binders because they are an awkward size, I have them in magazine holder thingies, also purchased at goodwill. So when somebody mentions wanting a pattern or I think about doing something for somebody I pull a binder or look on the computer.
  7. Hello pattern collectors. I am in search of several Leisure Arts patterns and will pay for the leaflets and shipping. I am looking for #2482- Crocheted Crowd #2513- Critter Candy Keepers #2586- Rag Menagerie #2605- Toys for Tykes #2622- A Zoo for You Feel free to send me a pm or email with any questions. Elizabeth
  8. Thanks Maria! Darn inky leaky pens!!! :pencil I will be making an address label to put over the spot. Elizabeth
  9. Hello All! I recently purchased the above titled book. It is by Jean Leinhauser and published by Leisure Arts. So I really like this book, yet I ummm well it now has an ink blot in the middle of a pattern. So what I am asking is that if anybody has the book they can help me decipher what is under the ink. It is pattern #41 round 2: "...in same sp work (ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 __(ink blot)___ in next ch-3 sp, in next ch-3 sp..." The pattern is on page 28. Thanks to all. Oh and ummmm be careful with unruly pens:eek ! Elizabeth
  10. Janet~ I am glad that you liked all of your gifts. It was great fun buying for you. (I never thought to put a note for the stitch markers/ earrings. Those by the way were made by another one of our very very talented 'ville members.) I hope that the books will help you feel more confident in your future crochet endeavors. Glad to have made a new friend. Elizabeth
  11. I dont know about it being a mind game, but somebody told me to do that with anything that had multiple peices. It helps one to crochet with the same tension and gauge. For instance I made a Christmas stocking, it had a front side and a back side made in two parts. I made the entire front then went on to make the entire back. Well when it came time to sew the pieces together they didnt really fit. Well I thought that I made a mistake, missed or added rows somewhere. Well, it was the fact that the tension and gauge were slightly different. I was showing somebody the stocking and they commented that I should have had both sides going at the same time. ~ Elizabeth
  12. Thanks secret pal! I received your e-card at work! Okay I checked my mail at work and thats where I found it. Thanks again it was cute card. I am anxiously awaiting another box!!!! Elizabeth
  13. Sorry I did not post yesterday. I received your package, then I recieved a very very special package from the Army. Marcus came home a day early!! And I got to spend about an hour with him before I went to work. Anyways my super secret pal sent me two boxes!!! One box had a lovely American Flag throw (I think?). The other had a package of gummy lifesavers, pepermint lifesavers, a set of cups for the summer season, a picture frame, yarn needles, stitch markers, a hook case, a calendar set, 3 skiens of Banana Berry yarn, and several pattern booklets!! Thank you soooo much super secret pal!!!! ~Elizabeth
  14. Well I have finally finished my first design. This bib is going to be for a coworkers baby that is on the way. I think I am going to call it Follow the Bouncing Balls. I have several more bibs to make and will follow the pattern a few times more (what Mom would turn away extra bibs) before offering it out to be tested. I used Peaches & Creme in Sea Mist. ~ Elizabeth
  15. Is it Monday or Tuesday yet???? Awww... Thanks secret pal for the ecard. I am anxiously awaiting for the mail to arrive!!!! Elizabeth
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