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  1. Sorry all I fixed it. No need to ch anything for the armholes go read. lol I wrote it up and even re-read it and still didn't see that I forgot the armholes. Please forgive me!! when I say work in the rounds I mean Join your last stitch of Now row 7 to the first ch of round 7. to make a circle. Sorry.. I guess I need to learn up a bit on making patterns before i post anymore
  2. lol i feel silly posting it.. it was so easy. but i hope someone tries it out for me
  3. made new thread Preemie Baby dress take 2 thank you for the help lilmarie! mods feel free to delete but lilmari could you add your take on it to the new thread?
  4. Feel free to make this and sell it or donate it, but please don't sell the pattern. But you can share the pattern! Just leave my name on it just because I am all proud of myself If there is anything wrong with the pattern please PM me and I will take care of it. I have not had this tested, But I have made it twice and each time it came out the same! The Izzy Dress by Jennifer Menges I have never made a pattern so I hope I do ok and you understand it all. The Izzy Dress Pattern made for a size 4/5 (crocheted loose) but I crochet tightly and I made a point to croc
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