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    I love to try new projects!
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    Crocheting, reading, and scrapbooking.
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  1. I BIG thank you to the elf who sent me two purse pattern books! I can't wait to try some of the patters!!
  2. I came across the site a while ago, but finally signed up and I LOVE it!!! You get to post the books you have to swap (and they can be hardcovers too ) and when some one wants on and you send it out and they recieve it you get a credit for a book. The only thing you pay for is the shipping on the books you send out. When you post your first 10 books you get 2 credits (which equals 2 books) free to get started. It's a great way to swap out the books you don't want anymore, and get ones you do. The only downside so far is waiting for a book you want that no one has posted or being on the wait list (first come, first serve). I just wanted to share my find. Check it out http://www.paperbackswap.com
  3. A big thank you to the elf in IL who sent me the cutest buttons!!! I love them!
  4. This was so much fun last year! I've been looking forward to it! De-stash, re-gifted, re-cycled is just fine with me! 1. Patterns - Magazines, books, or booklets. Crochet, knit, or sew. I'm not picky. I love to try new things, especially purses. 2. Fabric - any color or pattern or size 3. Cotton yarn 4. Sock yarn 5. Bamboo/wood knitting needles any size 6. I love owls 7. Buttons - any kind 8. By Hook or By Crook (A Crochet Mystery) by Betty Hechtman 9. Any kind of yarn, my stash is pretty low 10. Surprise me! It's always fun to get surprises.
  5. I received a bunch of wonderful doilie patterns from a very sweet elf in WA! Thank you so much! Just the other day my mom was saying I needed to get a pattern to make her a table cloth and the next day I got a pattern in the mail! LOL!
  6. Woo hoo! Re-Gift, De-stash, and Used is just fine! 1. Yarn! - any kind, any color, partial skeins and scraps are fine 2. Takumi Bamoo hooks (I'd really like an F,H, or J) 3. Dying to Crochet by Bendy Carter 4. 3 Skeins of "Rosewood" Patons Classic Merino Wool Yarn 5. Patons Spring Style Grace pattern booklet - the one with the little purse made of hexagons 6. Cotton yarn - I love it 7. Patterns! - I love to try new things! All kinds! I'd really like some American Girl doll patterns. 8. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch 9. Noro sock yarn #95 - a girl can dream right? 10. Surprise me!! I love surprises! And I love things with acorns and owls. Thanks!!!!
  7. I got my swap about 10 days, but couldn't thank my swap partner Jenn until today (I still don't have internet). She sent me an awesome felted purse! And, bunch of goodies!!! Thanks for a great swap!!!! -Jenna
  8. A very sweet elf from Germany sent me some beautiful cotton yarn (My DD claimed the pink ones! LOL!) and she also sent my DD some really fun school supplies and a very special pin! AND, a bunch of candy for all of my kids to share!!! You really touched our hearts with the wonderful letters you sent and you really made my DD's day! Thank you SO MUCH! -Jenna
  9. I big thank you to an elf who send me a bunch of RH yarn balls!! I loved all of the fun colors and the whold skein of Cherry Chip!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!
  10. I agree!!! I think I know what pattern I'm going to use, now I have to find just the right yarn
  11. A big thanks to a very sweet elf in southern Texas for the Shawler pattern!!! I had been wanting to try this pattern since Shelle has posted pics! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Sorry for the delayed thank you, I don't have internet at my new house yet. -Jenna
  12. I had a very sweet Elf in MI who sent me a bunch of cotton yarn!!! She even sent me some "Rosewood" colored ones that I had been drooling over! It arrived Friday, but due to me not having internet at my new house yet I was unable tosend my thanksuntil today. THANK YOU ELF!!!! -Jenna
  13. I got some fun fur type yarn today!!! Thank you elf!!!!! You really made my day! -Jenna
  14. I had to get in on this one!!! I'll be checking in at my SIL's until my internet at my new house is connected. I'm excited!!!
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