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  1. but took up crochet because there was only one loop at a time to think about. I still do both because crocheted sweaters tend to have an open weave, so I will still knit the occasional sweater, but I much prefer to crochet.
  2. Thanks for the help Colleen. I stared at the pattern for awhile and managed to figure it out. It was a 'set in' sleeve and it really looked like the top of the sleeve was much too small as well. However, I've managed to put it together and it looks fine. This is the first time that the instructions have been so sparse and it was frustrating at first. It also doesn't help that my small dog kept jumping on my lap while I was holding up the pieces to try and figure things out.
  3. I've completed the pieces for the "party cardi" from the Jan/Feb issue of Crochet Today and can't get the sleeves to fit properly to the front and back. There are almost no instructions for assembly and I'm extremely frustrated. Has anyone seen this pattern and could they help, please. I've made many sweater patterns in the past and never had so much trouble.
  4. I saw someone wearing a loopy scarf that I thought was great. I have since discovered that it was crocheted using Bernat Max and would love the pattern. Can anyone help me?
  5. Cabobabo


    Hi and welcome. I'm from Canada. You are so right about the web bringing people together from around the world. It is truly a great way to meet.
  6. I've signed up for a subscription again. I was only going to buy the winter issues, but I can't find a store that can keep the magazine in stock. I saw the Noah's Ark issue and waited until the next day to decide to buy it. When I got back to the store all the copies were gone.
  7. Thanks for the help heveryone. Crochet Dad, I will try your suggestion on the brim. I was thinking that might be the way, but because I'm working with white yarn (at my friend's request) I wanted to handle it as little as possible.
  8. Thanks everyone. Living in small town Canada it's not always easy to find the yarn suggested in the pattern even if I wanted it. Great to know that so many others subsitute one yarn for another.
  9. I'm crocheting a hat for a friend who is undergoing chemo and she wants a hat with a floppy brim to protect her from the sun. I'm having a problem getting the brim smooth---my test hat looks like it's for a child because the brim is so ruffled. Is there a secret to getting the brim to be smooth? Any input would be most appreciated.
  10. Actually we could be neighbours and not even know it because I'm in Paris as well.
  11. I like the patterns in the magazine, but have an awful time finding the yarn they recommend. In addition, I'm guessing the yarn is rather expensive because of the fiber blends. Are the rest of you like me and do you just use a more reasonably priced yarn in the same weight or do you use exactly what is suggested?
  12. Welcome! I'm from Ontario Canada too. Hope you're soon feeling like your old self again.
  13. I have three large totes----and bags and bags and bags.
  14. Hello from the north country. As a Canadian I know what winter is like. Hope you continue to enjoy your crochet.
  15. Hi from Ontario, Canada. You have hot weather while we're freezing and are buried under snow.
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