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  1. Dear all, Thank you so much. Glad could share with all of you hugs, Thata
  2. Dear all, I want to share a cutie little sachet with heart shape. I love to make this one cause I love when do slip in and out of it. Hope you could enjoy make this one too ! Here is the link : http://my-pattern.blogspot.com/2010/01/valentine-basket-wave-sachet.html
  3. Dear all, Thank you so much for all nice words. I really appreciate it. Happy crocheting always, hugs, Thata
  4. Dear all, Thank you so much for all your nice compliment . So sorry it's late to answer it. hugs, Thata
  5. Congratulation I love your designs too
  6. Dear all, Thank you so much.. Wait for your star
  7. Dear all, Thank you so much for all nice words. I really appreciate it. Glad if it could be useful and share with you all
  8. Dear all, Just want to share a cutie little star that I made. Maybe it could reduce your stash Here is the link : http://my-pattern.blogspot.com/2009/12/flower-in-my-star.html
  9. Just want to share my square pattern in crochet. It's about 6,5 inches. I make this square as a scarf and bag for my christmas gift. Hope you'll like it ! You can have this pattern at : http://www.dinamic-crochet.co.cc/2009/11/origami-granny-in-my-square.html Or if you Ravelry, I have posted for PDF download at : http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/origami-granny-in-my-square
  10. Lol. You're welcome. You can ask him to help you then..
  11. Yes, you just pull through all three to an end, yo again, pull your hook through one loop at your hook. Fasten off.
  12. Dear Bendy, I have it. Thank you so much for inform me hugs, Thata
  13. Just want to share an alternative to make an Icord with crochet hook. It'll be looks same if you make it with knitting hook. Easy to make . Try it an hope you'll like it. Here is the link : http://www.dinamic-crochet.co.cc/2009/08/how-to-make-i-cord.html Hope it'll be useful hugs, Thata
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