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    I make and donate afghans to our local Alzheimer's group and lapgans to nursing homes.
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    afghans, lapgans, shawls, slippers, hats.
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  1. Hi , my name is Carol and I love to crochet. I have donated items mostly afghans and lapgans to our local Alzheimer's group and to the area nurseing homes for the Alzheimer's unit. This year at Christmas a friend wanted a personalized afghan for his wife and I did cross stitch on an afghan for the first time. It was a bit of a challenge at first but once I had everything set in my head how I wanted the project to look , it was pretty easy . So if anyone is working on a challenging project my advice is not give up just hang in there and it will work out if you are truly commited to it. Now I am working on 5 afghans for a friend to give as 2008 graduation gifts. They are all the same 2 colors which gets pretty boring. I am working them in a afghan stitch little squares made in a one piece pattern. It was given to me by my husband's cousin , and it had been given to her by someone else. I don't know if it was ever in any book or magazine and it is unwritten . It is one of those patterns that you have to have someone show you how to do . When finished it looks like I have made hundreds of tiny squares and sewed them together. If anyone has seen this pattern in a book or magazine I would be interested in knowing. I live in Michigan and the winters are usually pretty cold. This year it has been very different. We have a few weeks of freezing cold snowy weather then it will warm up , rain and melt the snow only for the same to happen all over again. We live on a private lake and it has frozen completely , there were ice shanties on the lake and people walking around, and now it is all open water again.. Crochetville is a very nice forum and I am so lucky to have found it. Carol J.
  2. Carol J.

    Cat Afghan

    Thank you for your reply, I'm sorry I didn't know that the pattern wasn't available on the site. I thought maybe I wasn't going to the correct place to find it. I can understand about copyrite issues. Carol
  3. Carol J.

    Cat Afghan

    Hi , My name is Carol and I am a new comer to Crochetville, and would like to know how to find the pattern for the Cat afghan. This afghan is so cute and I would love to make it for a dear friend that loves cats. Thank You .
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