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  1. Great thanks ladies for your help I thought that's what it might be but i wasn't really sure.Could i also just ask is size 10 crochet thread in the USA same as what we would have here in in the UK could you tell me how many wpi the thread has.
  2. I am trying to crochet a doily from the book "99 little doilies by Patricia Kristoffersen" it is doily number 83 and on rnd 2 it says to (sc, tr ) in same st and each dc around which i am ok with but then it says pulling tr to right side now and throughout what does this mean
  3. I have a frame of a hand fan that i would like to cover in crochet like this. Does anyone know how i can do this ? How do i calculate how many chain stitches i need to start with ? and will it make the crochet fan out if i just increase the chains between the shells ? hope this makes sense. http://www.etsy.com/listing/86195373/green-hand-fancrochet-lace-for-bride-
  4. Hi Thanks for replying but it's the crochet crosses that i would like.
  5. Doe's anyone know where i can get annie's attic marks of faith bookmarks any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Thank you I think it is a Maggie Weldon Pattern she as one that is very similar so i have gone for that one.
  7. Hi the pattern you are describing isn't the pattern i'm looking for if you scroll down it is the 4th one down that i'm looking for.
  8. Can anyone please help me to locate this free pattern for a potholder. It is the blue and white one with the the centre rossette and shell border. Many thanks. http://ortsov.com/vintage-crochet-potholder-patterns/
  9. bluejay


    Thanks everyone with your help on finding the teddy. Empress Busy Bee was able to find the site that I had originally seen it on so a big thank you to you and to Avon Lady for your help also in sending me a link
  10. bluejay


    Does anyone recognise this bear and know where i can get the pattern from.
  11. bluejay

    Thread Teddy

    Hi everyone Here is my next teddy his name id "Dominic" and he's made from ( cro 5 cotton ) he is just under 2" when sitting.Thanks for looking. Jane http://s278.photobucket.com/albums/kk94/bluejay6497/?action=view&current=dominic.jpg
  12. bluejay

    Thread Teddy

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments punch thread is a very fine acrylic yarn it may be equivalent to a 1ply but i'm not sure ! I used the pattern that i bought from " Edith Molina of ludys bears " called Berty but i do have to say rosie looks nothing like ediths berty lol.:thinkI am working on my next one now so i will post him as soon as he or she is finished. Teddy hugs Jane.
  13. bluejay

    Thread Teddy

    Hi i have just made my first bear using punch thread. I've named her "Rosie" I have to learn how to make the eye sockets yet and to be able to get the joints to sit right, but any feedback would be appreciated. Jane
  14. I voted other, because i would definately like to see more amigurumi.
  15. bluejay

    Pot Belly

    Hi There Thanks for the ideas ladies, i will try them out later and let you know how i get on.
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