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  1. all by myself! My boyfriend humors me too when I blab to him about crochet. God bless him.
  2. racerose

    Glasses Case

    Great job! I made one of these and I love it b/c it came out super big for my super big and cheap sunglasses . It's a fun project and quick too.
  3. racerose

    My First Spiral !

    Great job! I also just recently "discovered" thread crochet and love it. It's so true that it is so much more tolerable to work with thread in this awful heat wave. I used to think that using doilies was silly and unnecessary and now I want a doily under everything!
  4. racerose

    Running Greyhound Table Runner

    Love it! that's awesome! not so awesome about your frogging adventure with Sam, but the runner is beautiful.
  5. racerose

    Frangipani Delight

    Very pretty and creative! I've never heard of that flower, but I like it!
  6. racerose

    My own design

    yummy, he's cute! so is the afghan!
  7. racerose

    Hello from Alabama

    Roll Tide! Welcome
  8. I love the new show on HBO, "Flight of the Conchords". Jemaine has a really old-style granny square afghan on his bed. I think I'm inspired. LOL.
  9. racerose

    Pinwheel Doily

    Oh wow! I was just considering making that same doily! LOL. Glad to see how beautiful it turned out. Great job.
  10. racerose

    Notions Swap ~ ALL DONE!!! :)

    Thank you, Kendra (Bella_song) for my wonderful package! I received a needle case, tunisian hook, beads, buttons, threads, teas, cute doll, a neat baggie from Vietnam and a very nice note! I'm probably forgetting something - there was a lot in the package! Thank you!
  11. racerose


    Nikki (sfgwife), you are an angel! Thank you!!!!!! Your purse is so cute, I can't wait to start using it! And the yarn and patterns and magazine - I am truly spoiled. Did I mention that you're very talented and the purse is adorable? I am very grateful. Thank you.
  12. racerose


    I want to thank Kendra (bella_song) for my wonderful package!!! I received a cute purple purse (my favorite color) that was designed by Kendra, herself. And some yummy teas too. Thanks so much!
  13. racerose

    Summer Scarf Swap - CLOSED For Signups

    Thank you Donna! (DonnaLynn) I absolutely love them all! I'm going to look so fabulous this summer, thanks to my scarves! You did wonderful work! (click for larger picture) I can't believe I got 3!!! I am a lucky girl today. I love all of the scarves equally and would never discriminate against one of the scarves; but if I were chained down and forced to say which one's my favorite, I'd have to say the one in the middle!
  14. racerose

    My latest hats

    I've been trying to make a few hats for a friend... and I've been failing miserably - LOL. Your cute hats have inspired me to keep trying Thanks for sharing.
  15. racerose


    Yay! I'm so glad you liked everything! I love making purses!