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  1. As soon as I saw your original post, I knew which pattern you are looking for. Go to freepatterns.com and search for "filet cameo". I think this is the one you're looking for--the lady is facing left and has a bun hairstyle! It's very pretty and it's been on my to-do list for awhile.
  2. A lot of people say they use puff paint on the soles--they just dot it on the soles. I recently read a post by someone who said she made hearts on the soles of a pair meant for a little girl, which is a neat idea. If I could afford it, I'd buy suede sole pieces and sew them on.
  3. The slippers I'm making are just plain old Red Heart. They actually feel very comfy! You could use wool, but my guys need something they can just throw in the washer/dryer and not have to think about it too much. Because they won't think about it too much...
  4. (Click on the links) This is what my family is getting from me this Christmas--crocheted slippers designed by Doris Chan. Excuse the cruddy picture!! These are size 10 1/2 women's, done in Red Heart SS in Black, Grey, and Shocking Pink. The pattern calls for an I hook, but I did these with an H hook. For the guys, I'm using the I hook for the soles, and doing the foot and vamp with the H hook. The guys are getting 1) Dallas Stars colors (black, dark sage green, gold and white) 2) Burgundy, navy, grey 3) Blue, Royal Blue, Delft Blue, and Light Blue 4) Black, Blue, Pumpkin, and White I purchased the pattern here (link to Interweave/Knitting Daily). It's an easy pattern and the slippers work up pretty quick. 2 pairs down, 3 to go. And if there's time, I'll make a scrappy, multicolored pair for me! Froggie in Denton, TX
  5. Yep! I have my yarn in my left hand, and work a new row from the right needle. And I throw vs scoop, so I am not doing continental. I'm just doing what my little knitting book showed me to do to knit left handed. I have not tried continental yet... Jana
  6. Joyce--Beautiful shawl!! I love the color. Jana
  7. Yay Robyn!! Keep on going with it and keep us posted!! I need to pick mine back up... Froggie (aka Jana in Denton, TX)
  8. Well, it may be way beyond my knitting skills as well. However, I refuse to give up on it. So by the time I am done, I should be an expert on "Hey Teach" and be able to coach anybody through it... First I struggled with the lace chart and my stitch counts. Finally figured out what I was doing wrong after much frogging back. And as for frogging, it's just plain harder in knitting. I have frogged my little piece of sleeve all the way back too many times to count. But, I have discovered "lifelines", so now I don't have to go all the way back to the beginning anymore. I have kind of gotten myself lost at this point, so I'm fixing to go back to it and figure that out. I will make this sweater. It's too cute not to make. And by the time I'm done, I will have learned an awful lot more about knitting than I knew when I dove into this.
  9. I had no idea that this subforum existed!! But I'm so glad it's here, because I love the 'Ville. Just started knitting again after many years. Taught myself how to crochet about 10 months ago. I'm a lefty and I knit and crochet left-handed. I guess I do the throwover knitting style, but want to learn continental. I'm 9 rows into a sleeve for "Hey Teach", a free pattern I found on Knitty.com. It took me a week to get this far and figure out/learn what I needed in order to make this cute little cardi, but I love a challenge. I'm using Caron SS in dark sage green (my 30-cent/skein thrift store find). I need to speed up on it though, because I want to get comfortable enough to make one for my DD for Christmas. Anyway, glad to have found this little spot!! Froggie (aka Jana in Denton, TX)
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! I had no idea that there were knitting subforums here in the 'ville. I just now registered at knittyboard--I've been trying out one of their patterns and I just can't get it, but I betcha someone there can help me with it. Froggie (aka Jana in Denton, TX)
  11. A question for those of you who also knit: is there a forum as wonderful as Crochetville for knitters? I've just started to re-teach myself to knit, and I'd really like to find a "Knitville" if you know what I mean. What knitting forums do you frequent and find helpful/fun?! Thanks! Froggie (aka Jana in Denton, TX)
  12. I have to state the obvious: this pattern is written in UK terms, so the UK h tr is actually a US half double crochet (h dc). I'm not sure what you mean about skipping three stitches, but this is how it looks to me. You make your ch2 turning chain, and you skip the first h tr in the row, and then you h tr across until you get to that 1st stitch before the marker--you don't do a h tr in that stitch. Then you make your 2 h tr in that stitch before the marker. HTH, Froggie (Jana in Denton,TX)
  13. An update: my Michaels is still remodeling, but the yarn area has moved from the very back left corner up to the very front right corner! However, IMHO the amount of yarn has decreased. I may just stop shopping there altogether. I'm just kind of "meh..." We have Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and a Joann's with a very small yarn department. Aside from the thrift shops, where else is there to buy yarn in Denton, TX? Froggie (aka Jana in Denton, TX)
  14. I haven't been crocheting long enough--only 10 months. However, I would like to enter something in the fair someday!! Melissa--Have YOU ever entered anything? Froggie (aka Jana in Denton,TX)
  15. Terri--Your shawls are so lovely, and this is no exception. Pretty color!! Brenda--I love this shawl in bone (my first one was in bone)!! Beautiful work!! I gave my first one to my mother for her 76th birthday this week and she loved it!! Now I'd better get moving on my second one... Jana
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