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    I am a student...that is my life right now. Crafting is a stress reliever.
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    New York
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    crochet, reading, cooking/baking, gardening, miniatures
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    snow flake afghan, roses/w stem (made the pattern myself :) )
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    1996 (self taught, but just recently picked it up again)
  1. that is so beautiful! Thanks for mentioning who wrote the pattern! *sigh* Looks like I got another WIM
  2. I finally did a round ripple! but different. I hope you all like it. I wanted to make a glass cover for my grandmother's favorite water glass. Size 10 crochet thread, 6mm gold beads and size 7/1.5 mm hook I used http://project-angel-kisses.150m.com/roundripple.html for the pattern but I triple crocheted the last three rows.
  3. Wow, that looks great! It is now on my to do list
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