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    I am a student...that is my life right now. Crafting is a stress reliever.
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    New York
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    crochet, reading, cooking/baking, gardening, miniatures
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    snow flake afghan, roses/w stem (made the pattern myself :) )
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    1996 (self taught, but just recently picked it up again)
  1. * just noticed there is a hairpin lace section in the forum. Reposting there. Please delete this post
  2. I missed you guys! Its been so busy since I last posted. Basically, I am finally graduating school this Friday (July 23rd) and I am getting married in September. So many things to do! I hope all are well with you all and looking forward to sharing my WIPs and seeing all your new creations!
  3. Absolutely beautiful! She is still my most favorite designer. You did such a great job!
  4. Hello all my friends and future friends here at Crochetville! I have been gone for awhile, as there has been so much going on with my life. I wanted to let you all know that even though I had been away, I still remember all of you fondly and I missed the camaraderie of all my fellow hookers out there! I will hopefully be back on more frequently and I hope that I will be able to find all my old friends and make lots of new friends again. Samina!
  5. Hi Della Z!!! I am so glad you found your way over!!!! Its me, Samina from the restaurant! I will be seeing you tonight!!! I am so happy that we have a way to keep in touch via crochetville! There are so many wonderful people here and you will make friends quickly.:cheer:hug:yay:jumpyay
  6. This will be the first time I make a garment for myself. I will keep this one in mind. thank you so much!
  7. I checked Drops designs already....no luck there.
  8. Opps that is important huh? "womanly" Adult size
  9. I am looking for a pattern for a sweater dress (or something that can be lengthened to be a sweater dress (and not the 70's styled ones please) Please help me out
  10. That is so pretty! I love roses!
  11. your talent never ceases to amaze me Great job Kathy!
  12. They both take my breath away. I can't wait until you publish it!
  13. So pretty! Just looking at it makes me smile Great job!
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