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  1. Well I thought so, but it didn't look right. My beginning stitching start in the right place so I will end the row and start the new row in the right place.
  2. Okay, I'm stuck. I did row 10....I'm confused on row 11 where to stitch, and row 12 seems confusing too...any advice? See link for pattern under NOTES for rows 10-12, I can't seem to paste it here. www.ravelry.com/projects/chitweed/crochet-dahlia-squares-pattern
  3. I went to Hobby Lobby and got what colors I needed. Decided since most of what I had already was ILTY I would stick with that throughout. Almost finished the "square" last night too. Each row so far is a color change, and alot of tails to weave in. I think once the initial square is done, I will do at least 2 rows of each color, and different stitch for each color. I think its going to be a "see how it goes" afghan.
  4. Yep, I saved that one on my pinterest board. I like how there's a row of color in the next set of the previous color. (hmmm did that make sense?) I like round ripples...I have a few that are in bags not finished.
  5. It will most likely end up being whatever size it is when I get bored with it. Probably closer to a lap size. I have more unfinished blankets than I haven't finished because I get bored working on 1 project...picked my hooks up about 12 years ago...and have only finished 3 blankets. Probably 7-8 that are bagged and more that got frogged for the yarn. I am hoping with so many stitch changes boredom will come much later. I came home and searched all my yarn stashes. Not going to start tonite afterall since I don't have the shade of brown I need, or the shade of blue...so I will visit Michaels bogo sale before their sale is over!!
  6. Yes, she is quite creative. I like her style and use of different colors and stitches. More like a sampler style of work.
  7. Yes, I have that problem and usually turn the work every couple rows when working granny squares. Was also thinking the granny stitch on a few rows and/or the v-stitch would help it not ruffle or curl so much. I'm going to pull from my yarn stash and work on this tonight...goal to get the whole square done, then work out whether to use Vs or Grannys, and when to use stitches from the original square. I was checking out her ravelry projects and she has some really nice pieces in her project file. She had a shawl that had alot of neat stitches as a border...one was a fan style stitch and another stitch to fill in and make a straight edge...thinking this might look pretty awesome on this too. (the tan and brown rows) http://www.ravelry.com/projects/chitweed/sunday-shawl
  8. I saw this on Pinterest today... http://www.ravelry.com/projects/SewKnotNormal/rainbow-ripple-baby-blanket-4
  9. Here's a good reference for hat sizes. http://thecrochetcrowd.com/crochet-hat-sizes-reference-guide/ For infants, it really depends on how big the baby is. My newest grandson was born early and weighed a little over 5 lbs....for his hats, I did 3 rows in the round in hdc increases, and then 1 row without increases to see how big it would be. If it didn't "look" big enough, I would add another row of increases, but maybe not every 4th stitch...maybe every 8th stitch. It depends on the weight of your yarn, your hook, and how tight/loose you crochet. I crochet tight, and I used a G hook with baby weight yarn, and an H on regular 4 size yarns. And it also depends on how stretchy your yarn is too. I actually made 2 hats with the same brand yarn, same weight yarn, same hook...and same number of rows/stitch before stopping increase rows, but changed the stitch pattern up a bit....first hat is perfect size, the second hat is a bit larger. I typically don't use a pattern for hats, just a combo of sc or hdc stitches, so I'm more patient with myself when they are too big. I also usually do at least 3-4 rows of sc as the edge so its not so stretchy and moves when it is worn. I have made a few hats for my older grandson...some he wears now because they fit, and some he will wear next year because they are too big. ;o)
  10. I want to adapt this pattern as a square blanket. Its from Ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/projects/chitweed/crochet-dahlia-squares-pattern which this is an adaptation of this square, also on ravelry http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-dahlia-squares-pattern I need advice...do I continue the pattern with different rows as different stitches, or should I add the "true" granny stitch in a few rows before starting this pattern of stitches over again? I am planning to use this same color scheme too. I don't want it to be too heavy or get wonky. Thanks for your advice. Its for my grandson who is 3-1/2 yrs old. I want to make it big enough he can use it as he grows - so more like a 60-70" finished size.
  11. Thank you for the info! I really like the Baby Bee Hushabye...its acrylic and cotton - and really soft. ILTY is 100% acrylic and softer than RHSS but has many more color options than Hushabye. I already gifted the baby blanket made with Caron Cakes...assumed it was 100% acrylic...I didn't read the label. It was washed and dried before gifting, with no shrinkage. Hopefully no reactions to it. I know as a mom (25 years ago) all the blankets I had were square or rectangle. That was before the infant carriers and strollers being a must have for moms. I was thinking of a round ripple (rosereds 12pt ripple) and making button tabs ( that can later be removed ) on it to attach to the infant carrier/car seat?
  12. I need an opinion.... I am getting ready to make a baby blanket for a shower gift - its a girl. Which would be a better useful blanket...a round ripple or square/rectangle? If round, what size would you recommend? And approx how many ounces / grams of yarn would be needed? (Thinking about Baby Bee Hushabye or I Love This Yarn because they are so soft. No LYS near me) I just made a rectangle in a ripple pattern...36x42 for a baby boy, and it used approx 18 ounces (2-1/2 balls of Caron Cakes). Its a bit big for an infant, but a good size for the crib and naps once the baby gets bigger. Thanks for any and all input!!
  13. I'm still holding out hope he will!!
  14. Also, the one he custom made for me...well, my grandson found it and somehow broke it. I have glued it back together but not sure how long it will hold. It is my most used hook.
  15. I've been to his blog, but it doesn't have anything recent. And there is not an email address. I have also sent a message from here with no response yet. Thank you for your help!
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