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    Every where I go, I bring my camera, my crochet & what ever book I'm currently reading...
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    Virginia, USA
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    Photography, reading, scrapbooking, spending time w/my boyfriend and my crazy family & friends
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    Process Manager (but when I grow up I want to teach English Literature)
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    Purses & bags, anything felted, amigurumi, the usual suspects of hats & scarves
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    Since 2005
  1. L-A

    Recent Dyeing

    Your yarns are beautiful! I just started Kool-Aid dyeing a week ago & I can't seem to stop. Are you laying the hanks out and then painting them with a sponge brush?
  2. L-A

    Dyeing since July!

    Those are awesome! The second & third are my favorites... What kind of dye are you using? I just started dyeing a week ago; I'm using Kool-Aid & I'm now thinking of stepping it up a notch or two. Your yarns really inspire me to try something different.
  3. Welcome Rene! (from Central VA) You'll love Crochetville... Everyone here is great!
  4. For those of you who asked about the stitch pattern I used... It's single crochet, but every other stitch is worked into the space between stitches, instead of into the actual stitch itself. So it goes like this: Row 1 is all regular single crochet; Row 2 is one single worked as normal, the next into the space between stitches, the 3rd is worked normally, the 4th is in the space between, etc... I hope this helps!
  5. Thanks for all the great comments everyone!
  6. Your little dolls ROCK! Very cute and a wonderful job on the stitiches & colors.
  7. L-A

    I made a Vroomie!

    Your little car is just too cute! It reminds me of my VW Beetle. And putting a rattle inside was a great idea.
  8. I haven't seen anything so cute in a long time! Awesome job!
  9. When my friends told me they were going to have a baby boy, I knew I was going to make a blanket for them, but I didn't want to use the regular blue colors. So I turned to my favorite Caron's Simply Soft & here's what I came up with! http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1262/667315089_fea7eea956.jpg http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1106/668168154_8c564bad6c.jpg Let me know what ya'll think... Thanks!
  10. Comfort80: The fact that your dad laid traps for you is just WAY too funny!
  11. That is not crazy at all ! I'm the same way about crochet magazines... I can't stand to loan them out because chances are you never get them back again. I'm terrible!
  12. Thanks so much for all of the nice feedback, everybody! It means a lot, especially after all the frogging & re-sewing I had to do... I guess I'm ready to try a "grown-up" sweater now (gulp!)
  13. Wow! I'm speechless! And your rainbow doily is to die for!
  14. My brother bought his first house, and he didn't have any pot holders or hot pads (is that just like a guy or what?) Anyway, I decided that, as his sister, it was my responsibility to talk care of that little oversight, but I wanted to make sure I came up with something "manly" enough for a single guy's kitchen. So I used the Jolly Roger graph from the sweater in the S'nB Happy Hooker book as the design. For the large hot pad, I used the entire pattern; but for the smaller pot holder, I left off the crossbones & just used the skull. I did the back layers in a simple stripe, in case he has a date over for dinner or something The yarn I used was Red Heart Super Saver in navy & maroon. My brother really got a kick out of them! http://static.flickr.com/112/288233362_0f2c2cd702.jpg http://static.flickr.com/110/288235327_3852c54c9b.jpg
  15. Wow, that is exquisite!
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