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  1. I have just recently learned how to crochet from a pattern also. Before I just made scarves and silly stuff. What I do it just read between the comma's and If I get stuck on what a stich is I just google it and practice it a few times. Rip out the practice stiches and keep going. My husband laughs at me and tells me I should stick to the easy stuff. Now what fun would that be!!! Good luck. You can do it!
  2. I was thinking as a bed topper. Do it in a deep brown and sew it on a quilted cream cloth. I just added it to my things to do before christmas 2008. Gosh I think I need to get that surgery done to add the extra arms too>LOL
  3. I cut out a bunch of shapes today at work. (yes now this addiction is getting out of hand) and played with them. For some reason it is not working out for me. I think tomorow I am going to pass some shapes out to everyone and see what my co-workers can come up with. I am sure if I bribe them with food someone will come up with something that works.
  4. Well I figured out how to make a triangle to fit them all together and it just seems off. The edges are not equal. I know that they will not be straight but they don't have any kind of pattern to them either. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Wow you guys are quick. I will check it out and post pics when I am done. Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Tina and I am a Granny Junkie! I taught myself one night when I was bored. My Mother in law had bought me some yarn and a hook when I was visiting and never got around to teaching me, So I looked it up on the web and now I am hooked. (pun intended) I have a husband, 2 children, and 4 dogs. My life is hectic since I also work 40 to 50 hrs a week and drive an hour each way to work. Crochet relaxes me. I can't wait till I get to reading more on this forum and teach myself lots with all your help.
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Tina and I am a granny square Junkie. My husband says that I now have to learn how to put them all together in a blanket or he is taking my hook from me and sending me to crochet ananomous. My problem is this. I have put together all of my square granny's and made 3 blankets. Now I have about 60 5 sided squares and can't get them to go together without gaps. How do I make something to fill in the gaps?
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