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    I am a mom of 6 sweet but wild kids. three boys and three girls. I also have many pets.
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    Fair Oaks, California
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    I love to croche and read and almost anything out doors. I love dolphins fairys and dragons.
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    mom. want to find a way to make extra money with my crochet.
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    I love to make toys and I like blandets but they take so long. I like to make things as gifts.
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  1. I want to start a comfortghan so I was reading threw here to get some tips, as I have never put one together before. So far what I have found is very helpful. Thank you all. I just have a few more questions. I'm thinking of joining the squares with black so was wondering if it is better to pick specific colors or if any colors would look nice with the black. Also should I pick only one square for it of a few? I'm just asking because of the number of stitches are around the border. I figure if the number of stitches are the same it is easyer to join. Thanks
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