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  1. I used the rev hdc on my last ripple and I just loved it. Debbie, I enjoyed your RRs. I love that crabapple stripe and have several in my stash.
  2. Doni, that is a lovely color and your RR looks beautiful.
  3. I'm in and need to get started. I've had the magazine almost 24 hours now....what's wrong with me?! LOL
  4. I didn't know you could actually look through the books in the library. Cool
  5. I happened to find Crochet World at Kroger this evening and bought it b/c of this afghan on the cover. It's gorgeous and I was downright giddy when I saw that it's a ripple on the back and hearts on the front! I haven't even looked at the rest of the mag, yet, b/c I had to check online to see if others were working on this pattern. Oh and it was the last issue, so it must be flying off the shelf...just tellin' ya.
  6. Thank you Addey for this pattern. So cute!
  7. Good idea. If I can get the computer, I'll be here...working on yo-yos or something.
  8. Thank YOu! It is nice to complete something! Judy -- I was there, too! lol
  9. Love your Christmas table cover, Mizmo ... and the spideyghan....who can resist those? Reneeb, love your ripples. I really like the one with the big blue center. Here is my finished ripple. I know...finally! (I started this thing in July...then it got big and it was hot) It's 72" and I put a rev hdc border. My camera does not like this ripple, I don't know how many shots I took and they were all fuzzy one way or another. Now for next year....I have another Spiderman to do and I have some lovely orchid ILTY that really wants to be a rr.
  10. Nice job on your RR gifts, Tonyal! The batman was a cute idea. I'm putting the rev hdc border on my son's RR tonite. I've got a few hours yet, right? Merry Christmas CALers!
  11. It turned out beautifully despite the yarn problems.
  12. You've been one busy lady! Beautiful afghans and pretty blog, too!
  13. They are all very nice. I like your color choices.
  14. Beautiful - Lovely colors!
  15. Oh my, that is fabulous!