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  1. I lose pens~all the time. I can walk from one room to another and back and my pen is gone. lol.
  2. I'll give that a try. Thanks so much!!!
  3. Hi! I bought a pair of slippers at a thrift shop and would like to make a couple of pairs for Christmas. The foot part looks like a mile-a-minute strip folded in half and sewed together with a bit of a cuff around the opening. I was hoping someone would have a pattern that they could share with me or could tell me where to find one. Thanks!! (Even instructions for a basic mile-a-minute pattern would be great!)
  4. Welcome from a fellow Canadian!
  5. Welcome from northern Alberta!!
  6. KarenW

    Gingerbread Man

    So cute !!! Great job
  7. I like "mesh magic" or "magical mesh"-something along those lines
  8. I have a tp cover that sits on the back of the tank. We have a pedestal sink in the bathroom and so have always kept extra rolls in a cupboard built into the wall above the toilet. All of us are fairly tall so usually relegated it to the top shelf-handy until someone shorter like my SIL needs to reach it-she had to use the plunger handle to knock a roll down...oops...LOL Made sure to keep a tp cover in there after that-and moved the extra rolls to the bottom shelf, too
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