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  1. Shaddy, this is my pattern, if you PM me your email address that you used when you purchased the pattern I will be more than happy to resend it to you. I host my pictures at photobucket, and use embedded code to enable them to show up on the forum as clickable images www.photobucket.com Lady Tara the Graceful Swan Crochet Pattern size 10 Thread Hook sizes 7 and 10 Finished size approx 2 1/2“long, 2“ high, wing span 4“
  2. Is this the one?? Clickable Image
  3. Hi And welcome to the 'ville, I am also in Colorado
  4. Thank you to the elf in Upstate NY for the Holiday wishes I hope you have a lovely holiday and best wishes for the new year Luv Mandy
  5. Thank you so much to the elf in Brooklyn NY for the lovely Holiday card, which contained a "G" size clover crochet hook thank you so much I love it. Happy Holidays
  6. Thank you to the elf in Upstate NY who sent me two recipies, Brown Sugar Shortbread and Peanut Butter Fudge, both look easy to make and sound so YUMMY!!! Thank you! Happy Holidays
  7. Thank you to the elf in KY who was so kind and sent me some Yarn Art tender yarn, of which I have never seen before but is real cute, and she also sent a clover reflections "G" hook...Thank you so much Happy Holidays
  8. Thank you so much to the elf in PA for the Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe, they sound yummy! I love chocolate Happy Holidays
  9. Thank you to the elf that sent me the Crock Pot Chicken With Black Beans and Cream Cheese recipe.......Sounds so delicious, thank you so much! Happy Holidays
  10. Thank you to the elf that sent me the Chicken Florentine recipe.......Sounds so delicious, definately one to try, thank you so much! Happy Holidays
  11. Happy Holidays everyone!!!!! 1. Crochet Thread any colors. 2. One of these baby dolls I can wish http://www.collectiblestoday.com/ct/product/prdid-319349002.jsp?AID=10387316&PID=1506203&SID=The+Ash ton-Drake+Galleries 3. A Yarn Winder. 4. Hobby Lobby or Walmart Gift Card. 5. Beads, pearls, or small items for embellishments. 6. Ribbon Roses...assorted ribbon roses or small silk flowers in any colors. 7. A mannequin, for fitting and displaying crocheted clothing 8. Clover Soft Touch Hooks, I have already "H" "I" and "J" sizes, so any others 9. Anything made by you Luv Mandy
  12. What is a used full skein? A full skein would be full, a used skein would not be full!
  13. Your stitch markers are lovely!!!
  14. I found a coupon....... MAYA750 brings the price to $17.00 plus shipping so total about $23.95 at joann.com
  15. Its beautiful, and I am happy that you find comfort in it Coralie. A special thanks to Alisha for putting it together, she did a great job:clap
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