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  1. Hieveryone! I am still working slowly on my projects This pair of fingerless gloves are taking forever! Okay, I've only been working on them since Sunday, but still it feels like forever
  2. The best part about your dish / wash cloths wearing out is that you get to buy more yarn to make new ones
  3. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/oh-baby-surprise-cupcakes http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=25576495
  4. Probably a lot If I had ink in my printer I would be spending most of the time that I spend on the computer sitting on the couch crocheting. Since my printer doesn't have ink I usually end up crocheting a row or two then spending more time on the internet than I do on crocheting My house would be a lot cleaner too
  5. Elann.com they have really good shipping rates too. The last package that I ordered from them only cost $5.63 in shipping and it was a big package, beside their shipping rates their prices are reasonable. The new Shop.hobbylobby.com will also ship to canada but you have to phone in your order and their shipping rates to Canada are very high.
  6. I'm sorry, I don't have that issue. If you know the name of the pattern you could always check e-pattern central. Sometimes some of the patterns from the magazines end up on there.
  7. Was it a diamond shaped one?? I remember seeing one that had the teddy bear attached to a corner of the afghan and the blanket part was blue. Tall Girl - I think the one you are thinking of with the teddy bear in the middle is the Mary Maxim one called Sweet Dreams
  8. How do we count the little balls of cotton that are only 1 3/4oz - 2oz??? I just finished another two (half each of 4 different ones so I am counting it as 2 full ones used). Would they only be one point since they are full skeins but small ones?? So far this week I have gone through 5 of them.
  9. I have two projects finished!! The stuffed Teapot - (I finally bought the rest of the stuffing for it) and The two mini Ami turtles I will get pictures of them tomorrow since it is to dark now, I hope that it is sunny out again tomorrow, it was so nice to have sunshine today
  10. Hi everyone! Is it too late to join in?? My YTD score would be -23 (used half a skein on a hat) so far unless you count the little 1.5oz balls of cotton as 1 point, then it would be -19 (used three balls of cotton to make a teapot shaped pillow and one for a dishcloth) so my WTD would be +3
  11. Vonnie, that lapghan is gorgeous! What pattern did you use?? Alright, I have a list of just over 30 projects that I need to get finished by the end of March fortunatly most of them are small projects, but still after that I can work on some bigger projects, but I think that I might actually meet my goal this year
  12. What issue of Crochet Today?? I have a bunch, but if you know the issue I will be able to do an easier search.
  13. Leisure Arts #3965, Strawberry Shortcake: Crochet Dolls This is different because the whole doll is crocheted and it comes with patterns for Strawberry Shortcakes friends as well. I'm not sure if it is still in print though, you could check on e-bay for a copy
  14. I forget to take pictures too and then I look at my pattern page on Ravelry and I get mad at myself for forgetting the pictures. Now at the bottom of each pattern I write "TAKE A PICTURE" in big letters with a marker
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