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    Mom & grandmom. Self taught knitter, crocheter, embroidery.
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    Queens Village, NY
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    Reading, crocheting, knitting
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    Tech support specialist
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    afghans, scarves, bags, dishclothes, etc.
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    1972 - over 30 yrs
  1. Those are awesome....already printing out the pattern and putting it on my Holiday gift list to make.
  2. I was about 8 yrs old when I was taught by a neighbor. My mom used to crochet with thread and I didn't much like that so the neighbor showed me how to work with yarn. My grandmother tried to but she was left handed and I was right. So I figure I've crochet for about 37 yrs. Also, I'm selftaught on knitting. Mostly basics and cables. that I've been doing for about 3 yrs now.
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