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    Tulsa Oklahoma
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    Reading, crochet, knitting, cooking
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    Work in kitchen of a major Hosptal
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    Blanket I made for my husband (then fiencee) for valentine day
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    Since I was about 5 (so my mother tells me)
  1. I am trying to think of some projects that I want to do for my family for Christmas this year. I know that it is months away but I am in college and don't always have a lot of time just to sit and crochet. I know for my husband that I am going to make him two things a sweater (probally knitted unless I find a pattern I like crochet) and a pair of socks. but I don't have any ideas for many of my other family members. If someone can think of some fun projects that they have done please tell me!!! Thanks Kat
  2. Although I can knit and crochet I would rathter crochet it is so much easier for me anymore the only thing that I really knit is stuff I want to felt, although one of these days I am going to try felting something I crochet so I can see if there is any real difference...
  3. My mother loves her copy of the Crochet Stiitch Bible... I would sugest Stitching and bitching the happy hooker... it has a lot of good in formation for the begainer and also alot of good patters for anyong wether you are just starting or have been crocheting forever...
  4. Hi I am from Oklahoma. I love to crochet whenever I have a free moment. I am a 22 year old college student. I first learned as a child to both crochet and knit. My mother and I every year give eachother yarn because we can never think of what else to get eachother... lol... I don't know whatelse to say...
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