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  1. Thank you all so very much for your comments. Thank you Kim for the pattern. Hubie's Aunt loves it and wears it to church.
  2. After years of Knitting, I still fined that I go to Youtube to find a stitch or two that I forget how to start it.. Love knitting it is slower for me then crochet but easier on the hands then crocheting. I use cicular needles for everything--- You don't have all that weight on your wrists.. I'm gping to be starting a baby sweater with a cable cast-on-----YouTube here I come... I'm a Thrower, not Continental knitter.
  3. Thank you both fot your kind comments..
  4. I made this for Hubie's Aunt who has been not feeling well this winter. Thanks Kim for the pattern. She loved it and wore it to church the next day..
  5. Hi ya'll. Been away for awhile. My Wip's are all Baby things for now. Going to be 4 new babies in the familia (One is already here) 3 more to go starting in July (boy), August (girl) and September (?). Finished a Entrelac baby blanket for the first one with extras.. Next one done is a Dinosaur Illusion baby blanket with T-Rex. T-Rex still needs arms and legs before the photo op. Septembers just waiting to find out if it's going to be a boy or girl.. Then just Short Row bibs for all.
  6. Beautiful job!! Like the lacey look..
  7. I hate to use DPN!!!! But I did a Ten Stitch afghan and ordered the square metal DPN's and love them. I don't know why being square instead of round would feel so much better on the hands, but they do..
  8. Hi everybody, Still hanging in there. COPD has been getting worse and been in the hospital a few times. But still have that knitting mojo.. On the needles - Knitting Monsters for the kids at the hospital. Patterns by Danger Craft. http://www.dangercrafts.com/ Kids seem to like the monsters and critters. I'm using up my stash, which is a good thing. Christmas Stocking for the 3 little ones in the family and either a Monster or critter. Have http://www.dangercrafts.com/shop/Knitting-Patterns/Animal-Knitting-Patterns/p/Esther-the-Eccentric-Elephant-Knitting-Pattern-Pdf-sku-Esther.htm fimished. Hope to check in more often..
  9. For Lace knitting you want a sharper pointed needle. That way when you knit some of the stitches you can grab or get threw them easier. I like the nickle plated knitPicks, the yarn slides off better and the points are pointy..
  10. I hate DPN's. I either use Magic Loop or 2 circ. OCTOPUS WRESTLING
  11. mamaoso

    Please help

    What about plastic. The yarn sure sticks for me.
  12. I use YouTube. Best place to learn new stitches.
  13. Yep, I weave- in all those ends in, too. Think that it took longer to weave in the ends then it did to crochet the afghan...
  14. You might want to join http://knittersbrewing.com/storename/knittersbrewing/ViewDept-271961.aspx on Ravelry looks like a good KAL for socks. I joined because of the new heel. (New to me) She is good with the videos and explaining what to do if youy get into trouble. And no you don't have to buy her yarn to join in..
  15. mamaoso

    Mona Lisa Afghan

    You did a great Job! Beautiful.. I like this knitted one,too. http://www.illusionknitting.woollythoughts.com/monalisa.html
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