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  1. I need help with row 10. I have enlarged picture to try and figure it out myself but I am stumped. Row 9: work (hdc in dc, 2sc in next) across. Break off Green. Attach Yellow Row 10: Work dc in hdc across If I do it this way its all bunched up. Am I missing something?
  2. I havent been to Russel in ages but my kids go there I loved the BBQ pork Sandwiches. How about Jean & Judes at Grand and River Road. I never go into the city so I do not know the other places you mentioned. I know when people come back home. There are 3 place they always go and eat the 2 I mentioned and Armonds Pizza in Elmwood Park on Grand Ave.
  3. Schiller Park next to Ohare Airport. Anyone close to me?
  4. Schiller park, next to Ohare airport. Kinda far from everyone:(
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