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  1. Please enter me. I would love to win your patter, as I have a tone of stash to use : ) Thank You.
  2. I need help with row 10. I have enlarged picture to try and figure it out myself but I am stumped. Row 9: work (hdc in dc, 2sc in next) across. Break off Green. Attach Yellow Row 10: Work dc in hdc across If I do it this way its all bunched up. Am I missing something?
  3. Found this Martha Stewart video I just scratch my head as to WHY? http://www.marthastewart.com/article/nathan-vincents-yarn-creations
  4. I never thought about melting. Oh well guess if I want snowflakes I will have to bite the bullet and sew them by hand.
  5. I was thinking about attaching snowflakes to my fleece blanket using iron on interfacing. It was just something that crossed my mind. I hate to sew by hand.
  6. I agree way to many ruffles for me. But it is very pretty.
  7. Last Christmas I made coworkers the half moon shawl from lion brand and as I told you in an earlier post never heard a word whether they liked it or not.(they picked it out and the colors) Well one coworker brought it back to school and it has been sitting on a stool in the bathroom. I have no idea why and I will not ask. I get to work first so I looked at it to see if it unraveled some place or if there was something wrong with it. I saw nothing. Its been there since August. So this year they get nothing hand made from me. I already found purses that I know they will like at target on sale so I am done with them and if I hear nothing about them I am done with gifts. Its very stressful for me anyway. Last year my family did not exchange gifts at all and it was the most relaxing Christmas ever.There are no little one here. So we are doing nothing again this year. It might sound bad but it worked for us.
  8. Welcome from Schiller Park Illinois
  9. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=106379 I found this one.
  10. OHHH I like that one. It will be perfect for the fleece blanket I put edging on. Thank You for the pattern.
  11. I did the crab stitch on the edging of a purse and yes it did get lost in the felting it didnt turn out any different than the one I just did sc's on. They both looked the same.
  12. Wow that is great!! I know how you feel. Not long ago my mom found a box full of pattern books at a garage sale for $5.00 plus it had hooks and crochnit hooks most where brand new!! I was on a crochet overload didnt know which book to start with.
  13. At the school where I work we play the Boo game. When you get Boo'ed you have to Boo someone else. You cannot spend no more than $5.00 on the Boo gift. Well it started last Thursday and I got Boo'ed Friday morning then I got Boo'ed again that afternoon!!. I didnt know what to do so I just Boo'ed 2 people. Here are the two bags I made. They are from Crochet work Magazine. I just changed what was on the front and added the Boo to the back. I got the candycorn idea from a link on crochetpatterncentral.com it was a pot holder.
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