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  1. Does anybody have the Crochet Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden? I am thinking on buying it and want to know if it is worth the cost. Any reviews of this book would be helpful!
  2. I had a plastic container that had peanut butter filled pretzels in them and had my husband put holes in the top to feed the yarn through. Keeps the yarn nice and tidy. That size container works well for about 2-3 skeins depending on size. If you are working with more yarn or larger skeins you could try poking holes in the lid of say a larger popcorn tin and feed the yarn through the holes.
  3. DH eagles as in Delhi School? In CIncinnati? I have a nephew who plays for the Eagles!! Would definitely like to see this ghan when its done!
  4. Are people still able to sign up for this, or have you reached your limit?
  5. Hi! I hope somebody can help me figure out why everything I crochet is turning out slanted. I am making the 63 square afghan from Leisure Arts and ever since I started this newest skein of yearn all the squares are coming out slanted. Am I doing something wrong? THanks in advance for all your help!
  6. This is very pretty. Where did you get the pattern? I would like to try this blanket for one of my husbands grandchildren!
  7. Hi, I am new to crochetville and look forward to visiting the site often!!!
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