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  1. Wow!!! That is amazing! Great Job. I could never do that!!!
  2. I think that it is a good thing that it is not too girly girly-- my daughter wouldnt be caught dead in something pink and ruffly-- this she would probaby wear to bible study or something(not to school though-- she is far too cool to wear something mom made). Good job!!! Are you going to be sharing or selling the pattern?
  3. Thanks everyone for the wonderful suggestions. I did happen to find another company too-- this one is about 35 miles from my house (I'm thinking on planning a visit!). I dont know anything about the yarn-- their own brand looks pretty decent at a decent price. I like the website. www.lambikinshideaway.com
  4. Does anyone buy yarn online? If so, what is your favorite site, brand, etc ? I havent yet as I am a little nervous that if I do I wont like it when it comes-- I have been in an exclusive relationship with Hobby Lobby but thought maybe I'd start seeing other yarn shops .
  5. I made the 5 1/2 hour afhan/throw with the Softee Chunky using three strands at one time and loved working with it. Very soft. Definietly plan to use single strand for a future afghan project. Yarn does seem to have a bit of a twist to it though so not sure it would be as great for the pattern. Hope you find what your looking for!
  6. Were you able to figure it out? I really like this purse and wouldnt mind trying one myself. I am assuming you only have the pictue and not the pattern. When you work it out would you mind to post how the shell stitch is done? Many thanks.
  7. Do you have a picture of the finished giraffe?
  8. This is the first time I have made any type of clothing. I didnt use a pattern-- just kind of eyeballed it as I went so I am sure all my mistakes are obvious-- I am really pleased with the final result though and almost hate to give it away! I wish I had known how to crochet when my daughter was little (she is 9 now!). I have something for her on my hook now...
  9. Finally finished! I started the blanket on Superbowl Sunday. I used YarnBee mosaic twist (usually $6.50/skein--I found it on clearance for $1!!!) Colors are more representative in first photo.
  10. Thanks everyone!!! Now I need to crochet a little blue sweater or blanket to attach him too! This just gives me a reason to crochet more!!!
  11. So, I was looking for a pattern for an applique dinosaur and came up blank so I decided to try making it on my own:eek. I have never done this designing thing so I just wrote what I did as I went along. It hasnt been tested and I am sure others could have come up with something better. It turned out a little bigger than what I need so I am going to do another and make a change or two (will post those too if anyone is interested). I am not sure if the directions are written in proper format so if anyone tries it, please let me know if I could have made it more clear or said something differently. I know this pales in comparison to some of the other designs on the forum but I am excited that I did it without a pattern:yay. Let me know what you think! Dinosaur (brontosaurus) Ch 46. Row 1: 4dc in 3rd chain from hook, hdc in next ch, 12 sc , hdc, 15 dc, 4 hdc, 4sc, slip stitch in last four chains. Row 2: Turn. Slip stitch in first 8 stitches (the 4 ss, and the 4sc), sc in the next 3 stitches, 2 hdc, 12 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc, ss in next stitch, ch 1. Row 3: Turn. Skip first stitch, sc in the next stitch, hdc, 10 dc, hdc, sc, ss in next stitch, ch 1. Row 4: Turn. Skip first stitch, sc in the next stitch, hdc, 8 dc, hdc, sc, ss in next 3 stitches. Continue slip stitching around dinosaurs head and along bottom chain until you are at the bottom of the dinosaur just a stitch or so beyond the neck. *Chain 6, dc in 3rd chain from the hook and next 3 chains. Skip next 2 stitches on the body and slip stitch in to the next two stitches on the body connecting the leg*. Repeat from *. Slip stitch in next 3 stitches. *Chain 6, dc in 3rd chain from the hook and next 3 chains. Skip next 2 stitches on the body and slip stitch in to the next two stitches on the body connecting the leg*. Repeat from *. Fasten off.
  12. Hi everyone, I am looking for a pattern to make a hat for a baby boy. I was hoping to do something in blue and green and was hoping for a ripple design. Either that or I was thinking of making a plain blue hat and crocheting a flat dinosaur onto it but I would need a pattern for the dino. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  13. That was exactly it!!! Thanks for such a speedy reply!
  14. Hi, there was just recently a link somewhere on this site of a british accented (I think) woman who showed how to work over the ends and crocheted through the hub on the chain to make a nice edge on the bottom. Does anyone remember where this link is or can anyone provide the link?
  15. Thanks! I am going to try it with one of my very next blankets!
  16. i'mhooked


    Thank you all so much for your thoughts and ideas!!! I am going to see what she wants to do!!!
  17. i'mhooked


    Looking for easy purse for nine year old daughter to crochet. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  18. I made these items for my cousin's baby last year. hat and booties blanket blanket up close view of stitches Sadly, they lost the baby before I could send them:cry. They have since tried again and delivered a new baby girl. I havent decided if I 'll send these to her or not . She didnt know I had made them for the 1st pregnancy and I've never said anything after, so if I did send them she wouldnt relate them to the first baby. I just dont know.
  19. Very nice! I love blankets, even make them for no reason!! Great colors too!
  20. You say that your blanket is blocking, I am not totally familiar with what that does. I read how to do it and that it is supposed to help with the shape. But I have a question and probably a very dumb question. After you block a blanket, does it change the texture? Does it make it stiff, like starching? And what happens when you wash it, does the blocking undo?
  21. This is a blanket that I made for my husbands first grandson. It also happened to be my first crochet project. Since then we had a second grandson and a second blanket. Will try to ind pics of some of the things I have done since then.
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