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  1. ooohhhh!!!! pretty!!!! What kind of yarn did you use? Very nicely done!!!!!
  2. I tried to find a copy of this pattern to no avail, everything was sold out, or auction ended. If anyone has a copy they would like to sell or get rid of please let me know or if you see it for sale somewhere too. TIA!
  3. I like fringe on my scarves. The tedious part for me is not putting it on the scarves but cutting all the peices of yarn to make the fringe itself-- I usually use my daughter and neice for this!!! You could do some of each and see what sells, then if one does better than the other either add or remove fringe accordingly. Its not difficult to add or take away the fringe. For cost here is what I would do: No fringe $8-10 With fringe $10-12
  4. I want to take this class. I am not too late am I? I have never done a graph and have never changed colors without tying off and reattaching-- I hope I didnt miss it!
  5. If you know the name of the book you can check http://www.bigwords.com-- they comparison shop for you and then tell you who has the best price including shipping on new and used books. I think they even do movies and cd's but I'm not sure..
  6. What type of yarn did you use? Do use one of those rubbery mats underneath to keep them from sliding around?
  7. Sounds neat... will keep my eyes open!
  8. i'mhooked

    63 square :-)

    Good jon-- it turned out very nice!! I too am working on this blanket. I am 40 (?) squares in. Somehow other crochet projects keep cutting in line. Maybe I need to put it out somewhere in eye view to motivate me to keep working on it.
  9. Is there a link or thread somewhere for someone who has no idea about graph-ghans and would like to get started? Something with the basics of how to do it. Any help is appreciated!
  10. I love this-- I have three cats of my own and this will definitely be something I have to try!!! Great idea!!!
  11. This is from the booklet 63 Square afghan by Leisure arts # 555. It is square # 21. This is not a square that I made. I found the image on the internet.
  12. In the Leisure arts book 63 square afghan there is a nice granny square with a rose in the middle (flower, no leaves). You could also check the book 200 crochet squares. Hope you find what you are looking for.
  13. Nevermind-- found it!
  14. i'mhooked

    turtle stitch

    Does anyone know how to do the turtle stitch:think? I heard of it in another thread but dont know how to do this one!
  15. Did you win the auction on the book? I love that third one down and the more I look at it I think it is the popcorn but I think it is more that one strand-- LOVE IT!!!!
  16. Me too--same 63 squares and the one color (pink) is much stiffer and the other (green) is thicker. I dunno, I just go with it and hope it turns out in the end.
  17. Did this in the car on a 12 hour drive to NY ( I am a slow poke crocheter)-- turned out marvelous (sad that pictures turned out blurry) but it did work up fast in my opinion and you can choose whatever manly colors you want. I did the Q hook and 3 strands-- took a few minutes to get used to the giant hook but super easy v stitch pattern!
  18. Hey Neighbor!!!-- I am close to Harrison in Bridgetown!
  19. My husband recently bought me the Crochet stitch bible and the popcorn is in there. I will just have to go buy more so I can try it! Thanks so much!
  20. One of the posters here on crochetville designed one, you can see it on her site : http://anthrilliel.creations.googlepages.com/patterns3.
  21. If you do a strap I would make it a small wrist strap, nothing more. Cute coin purse!
  22. Anyone know what the pattern name is for the 3rd one down with the little blue bear sitting on it? Did anyone figure out the name of the book?
  23. The square is the 200 squares book too. Clare has it right. Start with small granny and then only continue workingon two sides changing colors as desired. I like the look too-- when you see one square in a book you certainly dont get the same effect-- its lovely.
  24. That does answer my question-- thank you ! I think I want one!!!
  25. I love that fleece fabric!!! And the color of the yarn matched superbly!!! Well done. And then a stuffed hippo too-- awesome! Question about the edgery do... is it just a template for the holes or does it come with some sort of tool to make the holes. I think someone in another post mentioned that it was hard to puncture the fabric I have been holding back from buying one since dh has broken his knee on the ice and $$ is tight. Maybe once he heals he will buy one for me since I have to wait on him all the time!
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