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  1. Another poster on here used the Cat Square CAL and turned it into a sock for her computer-- it turned out really cute too.
  2. Tracy, you are an . They are perfect. Thank you so much!
  3. DOnt feel obligated to make a special trip-- it sounds like you have plenty on your plate with health issues-- I hope you feel better, and I hope all goes well with your epideral . I have thought that if I recieved enough squares of making multiple blankets, I will have to see the number of squares that I get/can make.
  4. I recieved two groups of BEAUTIFUL squares today from grannieannie and itzhunic-- Thank you both very much-- they are fabulous!!!
  5. I too have done squares in yellow. Some others have done squares in gold. I think either would be fine. I am sure that the two colors (yellow and gold) shouldnt be a problemand will spread the colors around accordingly. If I recieve enough squares I plan on doing more than one afghan (maybe one for the neighboring firehouse where Capt. Broxterman's fiance serves).
  6. i'mhooked

    how many?

    I dont have my yarn with me but I am working with Lion brand super thick at home and if I remember correctly its about twice the thickness of worsted weight. So I would venture 2 maybe 3 strands. Hope this helps.
  7. The three black one will be perfect and more than I could have hoped for!
  8. I am notorious for that! My husband hates it because I constantly ruin his surprises. Never on purpose though . I have been surprised though at the amount of support I have recieved from everyone though!!
  9. Your fireman afghan is gorgeous! I havent done any type of graph things yet-- I am intimidated. I think the square with Brian's name is absolutely wonderful-- much better than I could have done! Thank you so much! You are great! Give me your opinion too, I was thinking of a third black square with the date "04/04/2008" on it. Do you think that would be too much? If its too much work I could do it. I thought it might be nice to put between the two name squares. Let me know your thoughts.
  10. TracyLeigh, I dont even know what to say-- thank you so much!!! You have brought tears to my eyes-- I have been trying to figure out how I would do it. You deserve a big !!!!
  11. Thanks for the support! I think that your idea is good too-- I'll see how many squares I end up with.
  12. I think that would be just fine. Thank you!!!
  13. I wish I had the patience to do that-- it is absolutely stunning!!! Now you want to make one for me, right?
  14. The only time I seen RH in a goldish color was in the sport weight which was such a small skein and a lot more $ then the regular-- Thank you so much for your help with the squares . My hook has been keeping me very busy, thankfully!
  15. Thank you all so much! I cannot begin to express to you how grateful I am to you for your support. In some way or another I was connected to each of the fireman at the scene that sad morning, from the 2 that died to the one that was pulled out and the one who pulled him out . Although I didnt know them directly I have been affected by this terribly and strangely enough even though the comfort-ghan is for them I am finding comfort as well through making these squares. You all are a swell group of people!!! :manyheart:manyheart:manyheart:manyheart
  16. Thanks, I may try one of those ideas. I am also thinking of trying my hand at tunisian crochet perhaps but want this to look nice and am afraid my first efforts will fail tremendously.
  17. Hi everyone, I am going to try to do a square with each of the firefighters names in it for the afghan but I have never done a graph before. Would anyone be able to help me figure out how to go about designing a graph? THanks!
  18. Thanks. I used caron ss and probably an h hook. He came out a little long, may not work on a onesie unless you used smaller yarn/hook. I also made a stouter version of him which would probably work better for a onesie. I didnt write it out as I made it but could go home and try to count it out if you are interested.
  19. RHSS is fine. Thanks for your support!
  20. I thought of that too but was concerned that if I limited it to a specific yarn then some may not contribute, espiecially if they didnt have it in their stash. I will probably be using caron ss just because it is what I have on hand. Do you think they will mix ok if I block the squares? Or if they are all edged in the same type of yarn?
  21. It is such a terrible loss. I was unable to attend either but my aunt was there and said that the crowd was incredible. They waited in line for 4 hours!! My daughter said that all the kids at school were broken up-- they all really loved her.
  22. I was thinking 8" squares in either yellow or red, but not mixed.
  23. Over the weekend our community tragically lost two firefighters in the line of duty. Brian Shira and Captain Robin Broxterman were killed Friday morning leaving behind a community just reeling from the loss. I did not have the pleasure of knowing either firefighter personally although my husband knew Brian from his second job at home depot and Robin lived with her two daughters and fiance around the corner from us. Our daughters were in the same class, Robin was one of the room moms. Her fiance, a fellow firefighter was on the scene that morning. I am attaching a link to the news story for any who may wish to view it. I really want to do something to honor these heros. I was thinking of making a comfort-ghan for the firehouse and if I get enough squares one for each of the individual families as well. For the firehouse I thought a smaller afghan,which could then hang in the firehouse would be a nice tribute. I would like to do a black square for each firefighter with their names written in white to go in the center of the ghan. If anyone would be able to donate squares and/or offer up suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Also any who would like to make a donation to the fireman can do so through the link. I am also attaching a link to a picture of the firefighters flag so that if anyone wants to see the colors they can. http://www.gettysburgflag.com/Fire_Fighter_Flag.php I'm not sure how this works if I post my address here or if I give it in a pm but just let me know if you want to help. Thank you all so much in advance for all your help, thoughts and prayers! http://www.wcpo.com/content/specials/2008/lineofduty/default.aspx
  24. I seen the midnight lace pattern in the crochet! magazine too and thought of making it, but wanted to finish some started projects and work through some og my stash yarn before picking up a new project-- was this pattern very difficult? I hope you find what you are looking for.
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