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  1. Hi everyone. I delivered the comfortghan to the firemen today. The four firemen on duty were touched by your kindness as am I:manyheart:hug:manyheart. Thank you all so very much. I have enough squares to do a second blanket for the other firehouse so will begin working on that next:yarn. Thanks again! I am sorry that the images are sideways-- they were upright in photobucket but keep flipping when I put them in here:think.
  2. I finished edging the first ghan and was in the process of making tabs for the top--( I am going to purchase a round curtain rod and place the ghan on it by means of the tabs so that it can hang)-- when out of town relatives came in for a visit and it had to be set aside. I am going to try and finish it by the weekend and take it to the firehouse. I will post a pic before it goes though!
  3. Does anyone know about a pattern for the one in the second row, 4th from the left) the beige square. I like it alot!
  4. That is super cute-- may have to make that for my husbands grandsons-- thanks for sharing!!! Very nice!!!
  5. I recieved squares on Friday from DreamsofYarn-- thank you so much-- they were wonderful! I am now in the process of joining the squares for the first afghan-- I recieved enough for 2 afghans. I will send one to Colerains firehouse where they were stationed and then the other to the other firehouse where the one fireman worked. Thanks to all for your fabulous help!!!
  6. Hi-- I wanted to log on to the photobucket site to see everyones pictures but I didnt know the log in info... can anyone help me? Thanks!
  7. Was looking at your blog and loved the entry where your husband shaved. What a hottie! My vote would be to keep it off! Oh yeah, nice slippers too.
  8. My dh actually bought me the crochet stitch bible. It has excellent pictures and instructions. I would definitely recommend it. Another one would be Donna Koolers Encyclopedia of Crochet- havent seen it personally but heard its great. Hope you find what you are looking for!
  9. I recieved squares from Becky Morgan-- thank you so much-- I really liked the red one-- looks like a badge in the middle-- fabulous!!!
  10. Nevermind-I just seen your other post! I am going to look for the magazine and the book-- super cute!
  11. I noticed in your photobucket album you have an afghan that says baby afghan 80's pattern that is made in pastel colors, matching a sweater. Is this from the same booklet as the brown and blue afhan? I like them both very much!!! I may need to find/buy that booklet!
  12. Over the weekend I recieved some lovely squares from the Happy Stitcher-- thank you so much. I am in the process of edging the squares and will soon begin connecting them. Thanks to all for your support!
  13. Also recieved squares last night from bgs!!! Thank you so much. Now if only i could kick this flu and get back to crocheting!
  14. Oh, I am so very sorry! Yes, I did recieve them. I and now my family have been so sick with the flu, the house looks like it has been hit with a tornado, and my concentration level is at a 0, and i just didnt even think to get on. Again, I am very sorry, the squares were lovely! I really appreciate it, and am sorry I didnt let you know sooner.
  15. I work in breast cancer research and I LOVE these shoes!!!! Very cute!!! Are you making them to sell at a making strides walk? If you are selling them, are you taking orders?
  16. Not to late at all. I just pm'd you. I'm afraid I havent been able to work much on this in the past 2 days-- I have the flu. My body hurts so much I dont even know if I could hold up my hook!
  17. Becky has asked me to post in this thread that she is almost ready to mail this. She is still unable to access the 'ville on her computer but wanted to give you all an update. So, thanks a bunch!
  18. Tracy, Your squares arrived on Saturday. I am sorry I didnt post sooner, I was out of the house and away from the computer all weekend. The sqaures are marvelous! Thank you so so much!
  19. I recieved a bunch of lovely squares from 2Kute and Nanmeyers-- . Thank you both- they are gorgeous!!
  20. Your hat looks so fabulous! Great job!:cheer:yay:cheer
  21. I recieved some lovely squares in the mail today from Deedes! Thank you so much!
  22. I really like that spiral design on the hotpad-- good job!
  23. I was thinking a navy blue would look nice.
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