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  1. Hi, I bought 7 skeins of Patons SWS yarn (70% wool) in the maroonish berry color. Now I dont know what to do with it. DH will murder me if he finds I bought this yarn just because it was on sale with no project for it-- HELP !!! I thought maybe I could try myhand at felting but not sure I can with a front loading washer (not to mention I have never done it before anyway). Any and all ideas are welcome, apreciated and begged for!
  2. Do you have a link for the pattern? I have only the pattern for entrelac in the round (would have to find the link). My only problem with this method is that for me it seems to take so much longer than traditional crochet, it was also denser, stiffer-- maybe I am doing it too tight? . Your blanket turned out lovely-- the colors are sweet.
  3. I want glow-in-the-dark yarn!!! How cool is that!!! Where in the world did you find it??? I havent seen it at my HL unless I am just not looking hard enough. By the way... the scarf is great... Got to keep them warm and safe-- a mothers job is never done!
  4. You should translate the blanket from July 11, 2008 (same as May 16, 2008?)-- the green one with the daisies-- too cute!
  5. Nice design on the blanket-- is that fpdc? or some kind of popcorn/bobble stitch?
  6. I get Crochet! and Crochet Today. I just requested my first issue of Crochet World-- tried Interweave but it was more advanced patterns than I am ready for (yet).
  7. On the link to purchase this book-- there is Japanese writing on it-- are the patterns in japanese? If so, are there graphs?
  8. Very nice, love the contrasting trims. What pattern did you use?
  9. Here is a set I made for a co-worker. Now another co-worker wants an identical set for a shower she is going to in 2 weeks.
  10. The words say: Need more 'fiber' in your diet? Then let me 'hook' you up with a crochet party! Bring your supplies: Some yarn and a hook If you have a pattern to share We'll all take a look Never crocheted before? It isnt an issue I'm certainly no expert But I'll try to teach you A hobby to bring you A lifetime of riches Crocheting is fun! It'll keep you in stitches!
  11. So here is what I am thinking for the invitation-- suggestions, comments?? I hope this is the right size. I tried to resize it in photobucket...
  12. Very nice. I too just finished a layette of sorts for a baby shower and have been asked to make an identical set for someone to take to another baby shower. Thankfully they work up fast-- my arm hurts! Very good job!
  13. Thanks for the great ideas so far-- please keep them coming-- also help with invitation wording would be greatly appreciated!
  14. I am planning a crochet party for some friends who already know how to crochet and some that want to learn . I am hoping that all of you creative minds can help me come up with some ideas for wording on the invitation (something fun, clever, witty, punny-- you get the idea) or any ideas you may have that would add a creative touch to the party itself... Your help is incredibly appreciated!
  15. I am a little confused:think-- why do you make 2 brims on the hat and then crochet them together? Do you thread the scarf through the two after you put it on?
  16. What kind of stitch is that? Very nice!
  17. Very nice!! Was it difficult to make?
  18. Thanks so much! I know she will love them!!!
  19. Are we still able to get the pattern-- everytime I try to click it I end up on a a different web page. I really want to make a pair of these for my daughter!!!
  20. This is a filet with the leaves worked in as you go along? What stitch is the leaves made up of? Puff, popcorn, something else? The yarn too is very beautiful, what kind? It looks so soft. If you were to write this out how you did it I would definitely buy it!!!!
  21. Any possiblitiy of writing out how to do that stitch??? It is stunning. I am getting ready to make a full-sized blanket for my daughters bed and this is the prettiest stitch I have seen yet!!!!
  22. Do you happen to remember the name of the book that you got the pattern out of? I like the shape of these.
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