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  1. Looking for a discontinued crochet pattern from Leisure Arts called "Baby Things Afghan". It had baby bottles,rattles, blocks, cribs, and a stork and the words baby crochet in the pattern. If anyone know where I can purchase this pattern please contact me at my email address. Thanks!!
  2. Toni, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I lost a 14 month old grandson named Seth in a drowning accident 4 years ago and when i saw the name Seth it brought all of what you must be feeling right now back. Believe me when I say I know what your feeling and I'm praying for your Seth and Courtney. It's so hard to understand but I keep thinking God must have really needed some very special angels to take the little ones! Cindy
  3. We must all be thinking bright yellow. Mine on the way is bright yellow with hearts. Great minds think alike!
  4. 4 squares going to the post office tomorrow. Sorry it took me longer than I thought. It's been a busy week. Cindy
  5. Sent off the box of squares priority mail on Monday afternoon. You should have them soon. Cindy
  6. PM me your address and I'll try to get a few finished this weekend. Cindy
  7. I can't take credit for the poem. Someone else here at the ville posted that to us when giving a comfortghan.
  8. Red Lion is fabulous! Gotta have the cream puffs.
  9. I'm in Ashland. My sister in law and her husband lived in Pine Grove near Sweet Arrow Lake.They're deceased now but I still get to the lake a few times a year. It's beautiful there.
  10. I called my girlfriend to come see me at work today and surprised her with her comfortghan. First she cried and then managed to smile while I took her picture.
  11. Finished this tonight and will be delivering it to my friend tomorrow. I found this poem written by someone here at the ville to attach the ghan when I give it to her. Weird thing is that this is finished tonight and being delivered to her on the same date we lost our 18 month old grandson 4 years ago. I never planned it that way. I'll take a better picture with her tomorrow.
  12. Have these all laid out and ready to join. I'm going to use the flat braid method. I tagged everyones squares. Thanks again!
  13. With the squares that are on their way I have enough for this ghan. Thank you all again. I'm still edging and getting ready to lay them out to join. Cindy
  14. Stacy , I got home today, I was away since Friday and your 3 beautiful squares are here. I'n edging all the squares in Coffee ( that was the color that seemed to blend with all of the squares the best. I have most of what I received edged and have tagged anyones squares that weren't tagged with your first name and state. I'll be joining with the flat braid starting this week. If anyone has sent squares that I haven't received yet ,please let me know. I'll post pictures again when its finished Thanks again for all of your help, :manyheart:hug Cindy
  15. These are the Squares I received the passed few days: Ignore the dates on the pictures I messed that up on the camera..:angry:angry Evelyn: stitchgirl: Lisaizme: cindyy8s:
  16. I'll be sending you 4 of the turquoise square that I received from Lisaizme. They will be in the mail tomorrow.
  17. Your red square is ready to go into the mail this afternoon. After I sealed the package I realized i forgot to add the tag. Sorry.
  18. You can be sure they will be put to good use either here on the comfortghan thread to anyone who needs them or put together to make a lapghan for someone who needs one. Thanks again!
  19. Would you like a few turquoise? Compliments of Lisaizme. I'll have to ship them in a separate package. I already sealed the one for AHF.
  20. Lisaizme I got your box on Saturday. OMG! Thanks so much. I will share these with anyone who could use turquoise or shades of brown. Momtomany I got you beautiful squares today. Evelyn I got yours yesterday. thank you all so much. I'll take pictures and post them tomorrow when I have more time.
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