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    I have been crocheting since I was 11yrs old and now I'm finally making thing that people could use
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    Cooking,writng,crocheting,dancing,and being a mom to3yrs old elijah
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    outside artist
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    baby items,potholders,hats and scarves ..etc
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    I have been crocheting since i was 11yrs old
  1. Hi I love those granny hats I and looking for a pattern.Does any body know where I can find one.
  2. I need to find a website that sells hand bag handles I have looking but can't find an website that sells purse handles I want to make some crocheted purses and hand bags but can't find any .Can you gus help me to find websites that sells them thankx.
  3. I was asking about the mary jane booties is the pattern ready she had needed some testers and she has already found some I just wanted to know if the pattern was available .
  4. Is the pattern for sale yet for the Mason204 maryjane booties when do you think it will be posted on etsy?
  5. thank you for the compliments I plan on making some more things to as soon as I can
  6. I made this today So I didn't get to go outside today but I enjoyed making . I will be putting this on my website by May 10 so please check it out. My website is http://www.sweetamethystboutique.net. I will have from Babywear to Hats.
  7. Are there any websites where I can find fabric labels for an affordable price I don't know of any places to look.If any body out here can let me know I greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  8. Thank you Cindy i like your crocheted bags especailly the one that is made form denim jeans pretty clever and smart.
  9. Hello Everyone here is my new funky hat my friends like it I hope you do too.http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b329/nicki5202/MY%20FIRST%20ALBUM/100_0225.jpg
  10. On my website I will be selling baby items and other thing so check out my website 7/3/06.My website address is :http://www.thecrochetboutique.com.
  11. I have a friend that steals other peoples crochet pattern ideas and says that she designed the pattern and which I know she did'nt she won't listen to when I say if she gets caught stealing and claiming something that is not her idea ,she could get sued for copyright infringement .she won't listen to me . she also sells the pattern to people along with the finished product.can some please give me some advice what should i do.to make her stop stealing other peoples pattern ideas.
  12. I have friend she crochets ,but she takes other peoples ideas and copies the pattern and sells the pattern of someone else's ideas and she also sells the finished products and say they were her own designs .I tried to tell her that is copy right infringement she does'nt care her atitude is everybody steals other people concepts so whats new . i tried to tell her if she gets caught she'll get sued .What should i do she won't listen to me. can you give me some advice please.
  13. I want design a sweater and don't know how to get started how do I make a sweater from a new design .Can someone please let me know thanx.
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