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  1. A blue and white scarf wouldn't be so bad like this telephone booth. I suppose a bell with a circle could be included if one wanted to represent "Ma' Bell". I remember as a kid feeling creepy if I had to use one such as the one below. They were all over the SF/Oakland Bay Area. I always had trouble closing the door. I like the "phone boxes" in the UK a bit more. More color and more class. I had a eccentric neighbor by my last house that had installed a working pay phone booth just like this one. 75 cents to make a call! He thought he'd pocket a quarter every time someone would use it. N
  2. I used a hand held steamer and far enough away to be sure it would not be too hot. The wool part was fine, it was the acrylic that turned on me.
  3. Hi! Not too much going on here except getting hotter each day, 99° today and 103° by Friday. Yikes! I was reading Monday night when I looked up and a baby snake about 8 inches long was on the carpet in my living room! I was petrified because I couldn't tell if it was a rattler, a gopher snake or what. After I set a little trash can on top of it and a heavy candle on top of that, I texted my daughter for suggestions how to get it in the can. She said she'd be right over, but, my SIL the hero came instead and took it outside for me. It turned out to be a red racer that are very common here
  4. FYI: Simply Crochet Magazine is available for $0 on Amazon's Kindle Unlimited. I just got the Aug. 2021 issue.
  5. They still have phone booths in the UK? Wow- It's hard to find a public phone anywhere here. The scarf is quite nice. Thanks for sharing the photo.
  6. What a cute idea! A little space for everything. She brought a smile to my face.
  7. I made a 12" swatch from acrylic-wool mix some time ago, then steamed it to see what the effects would be. I did not like it at all. It lost it's texture and as Granny Square advised, it gets a "crunchy" feeling.
  8. Good Morning. Just checking in. I have a few legal errands to run today but nothing else pressing is going on. Tomorrow I fast and get blood work done to set up for my annual wellness check next week. That's it for me. Hope all are well and enjoying the day.
  9. Thank you. I'm going to give the Thermal st a go. I've not tried it before and it looks intriguing. I have always kept a box of potholder sets and scarves for last minute gifts and have been lax on keeping it supplied this past year+. Thanks again.
  10. Well, maybe I should stick to my favorite, the Magic Potholder. It's always a no fail in sc.
  11. I made 1 set of "wiggly" potholders several years ago and found them to be too "holey". Thank you for the input. Every bit helps.
  12. What beautiful colors and great work. I love it!
  13. Hi Krys: I've too have been reading about the new booster coming out this Fall and it has promises of being stronger and lasting longer. We'll see. The 'Rona has hit hard in my county again with many new infected. The variants are being blamed, but also, reports are that 90% of the newly infected were NOT vaccinated so, that tells us something. It's very hard to sort out the truth from rumors. It sure is different from when I was a kid and had to have vaccines such as polio. We can only be diligent for ourselves and hope and pray this will get eradicated. Pineknott: I do hope the injectio
  14. For those that have worked with the Waffle Stitch: In your opinion, is it thick enough to prevent burning hands for a cotton potholder with 1 square or should it be made with 2 squares together using such as Peaches n' Creme yarn?
  15. It's always nice to have a selection so we can figure out what is best for us.
  16. LaceyHill: I'm so very sorry. My heart goes out to you with many prayers.
  17. I just watched Repeat Crafter Me on FB. Her info includes: RHSS will come in solids and the O'Go doughnut prevents yarn barf, plus, the same amount of yarn as the skeins.. Pricing from Yarnspirations will be about RHSS-$6, Bernat Blanket yarn-$12, Caron-$8. Retailers will probably have different pricing and not carrying all 4 brands at each store. Last but not least, this new invention of wrapping will not replace skeins as they will still be available. Hope this info helps. I will be trying at least one when it comes to town, if it comes to town.
  18. Granny square: My sentiments exactly. Brenda: I just tried the Yu-dc and didn't care for it. Too twisty to me and not as tall as a Yo-dc. Or maybe I'm just a plain old traditionalist. LOL
  19. I saw this on a few FB sites showing the RHSS and was intrigued. It will be okay for striped projects but, I don't make hardly any of those patterns. Now if they made it in the Ombre', that would pique my interest.
  20. Hey Gang! Talk about Dr's: I started calling my Dr's office last Friday to get 2 appointments changed to 1 and they finally got back to me just a few minutes ago. I'd change Dr's if we weren't so short on them. DD (the PA) told me some time ago for our population, we're 40 Dr's short to meet the needs and probably more now. 'Rona sure doesn't help. The hospital is to the max and then some. Rant over. Weather is strange. We usually have our hottest now and it's in the low 90's (not complaining). I'll take it! LOL Sounds like everyone is busy with different things. I sure hope all stay well
  21. Interesting list of goodies. There are a few things on there I'd love to have.
  22. Very cute! I like the big jiggly eyes on this one.
  23. For all these years I've crocheted, I've never used a Yarn Under sc, simply because it never occurred to me. I ran across this little video explaining the difference and thought some would be interested. I'm not sure I agree with her idea that you should always use a YO, not a YU. Maybe it should be a persons' personal preference, or, maybe that was how they were taught.
  24. Just checking in to say hello and hope all have a wonderful day. Not a lot on the weather front except some wind and a scattered shower. Sounds sort of boring really. Enjoy the day!
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