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  1. I'll probably dig out the yarn today and start that bag this evening, hopefully anyway. Just give me a holler if you need the printout. Shame on me. I've spent the whole day mostly on this silly laptop. Oh well, it keeps me entertained. Off to walk in the back yard then rummage around in my yarn bins. Hoping your day is wonderful. Ta-ta!
  2. Very cute. And the color possibilities are endless. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Local Mountain Fire Update: Thanks to the over 300 firefighters, the fire in our local mountain range is 52% contained. I can't imagine what the firefighters go through fighting this kind of fire, let alone in over 100-112°F weather. God Bless them all!
  4. Good thoughts and many prayers still going out for you from here.
  5. Good thoughts and many prayers still going out for you from here.
  6. Good advice Krys, thank you. Maybe a few throw pillows would work with the velvet yarn.
  7. Very nice. Love the simplicity and this pattern will work great for a last minute gift. I really like the variegated one on your website. Guess I'll have to make a set of 4 for my "gift stash". Thank you.
  8. ReniC

    neko atsume cat

    Cute kitty. You did a great job.
  9. This is cute! Thank you for sharing the pic.
  10. That scarecrow sounds great! I'd be happy to print the pattern and mail it to you if you'd like. Let me know. I'm thinking about making this bag for my GGD. Probably in her fave colors, purple. That's if I have enough stash of course. If not, I'll improvise on the colors.
  11. Ooooo they all look so very nice. I just finished gift #3 for my grt-GK's gift package. Everything is being made from my yarn stash- especially all those partial skeins. Next project to go into the box is a drawstring bag for the 10 year old. She's into clothes, cellphone, tablet and being a Fashionista already.
  12. That is a nice looking cloth. Thanks!
  13. Super idea for the glass table top. I too have a glass top dining table (what was I thinking?) I should make one, if that's ok with you.
  14. The doll is so cute. I like the face on this one. Maybe the pattern artist can give you more info about using that yarn for the Sock Monkey.
  15. I got up this morning and splurged with a blueberry muffin and coconut creme in my coffee. MMM mmm. Then, happiness went out the door when I saw our beautiful mountains on fire! We got a storm yesterday and obviously, lightening struck up there so, as of this morning over 500 acres have burned. These mountains are over 8,000 feet and still sacred to our local Native American tribe. Dang---they're sacred to me as I used to live up there when I first moved here. So sad. Hopefully, it will get contained soon.
  16. We have postal cluster boxes in our neighborhood also. I miss the mailbox at the end of my drive. One of my kids picks the mail up for me every day. It is so ugly, I'm tempted to yarn bomb it!
  17. Sorry Patricia, but the original poster posted this back in 2006. I doubt she is even a active member anymore. There are references on the oombawka.com website but I have not checked it out.
  18. I hope you win Cindy!!!!
  19. Hey All! A little late here, but, I had to brag that we had 10minutes of rain yesterday. Nothing today, but, I was grateful for yesterday's short downpour. It started out a little scary with the color of the sky, and the tornado we recently had has us all spooked. But, all turned out good. It's still too hot here though. Rest well everyone. See you tomorrow on here. I hope.
  20. Here, here! I so agree with this. The new generation belongs to the "Gimme Gang". I used to tell my kids that when they were kids. Now they tell their kids that.
  21. People do think we can whip these larger pieces at no cost and boom, boom, done! LOL Last week, my GD was putting a gift together to mail to her new baby God-daughter. Her, "Nonna, can you make me a blanket for my new God-daughter?". Me, "When do you need it?" Her, "In a day or two." 🤣 🤣
  22. Pineknott: I'll take the rain! We are so behind on the monsoons in my corner of the world even the snakes are looking for water! 🥵 110°F today! This is crazy. Mary Jo: Love the maibox. It's a very nice one. ratdog: Looking forward to seeing the cross stitch! Krys: I'm glad you got through that storm okay. They can be so frightening sometimes. I'm staying in all day to be safe. I don't tolerate heat well as it is. I see some crochet stitches in my near future. Enjoy the rest of the day my friends.
  23. Good morning! We got teased with a few clouds yesterday, but alas, not one drop of very much needed rain. No monsoon this summer. I think it has rained here 2 times since Spring.
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