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  1. RHSS-True Blue-Ombre' with a I/9 hook. Large Granny Square and I've already chosen a border but I'm not sure yet if I'll use the whole border pattern. Lovin' it! ETA: Oops- not a Granny Square but the Block Stitch.
  2. There's a huge thunderhead coming my way! It looks pretty serious. I hope it's not one of our gully washers, literally. I'm still plugging along daily now on the blue blanket. It's only 2-4 rounds a day but, it will get done eventually. I'll put a photo under WIP in just a bit. I sure hope everyone having health problems feels better today. I get around better every single day. Now I'm going to go sit at the kitchen counter and prep things for chili! Mild chili that is. This old stomach doesn't tolerate too spicy anymore. Enjoy the day gang!
  3. Interesting and generous of you to post your pattern. Can you post a photo of your interpretation of the stitch?
  4. Oh my- We are still in very trying times. I'm still not going anywhere except doctor appointments, even being vaccinated. DD's friends (married couple) of many years are both down with Covid and they had their vaccines several months ago. She read that there may be a booster needed in the Fall due to the strength of the double-dose effectiveness lessening after 6 months. I'm not looking forward to that, but........... We have rain in the forecast again but, it doesn't look like much of a threat. We'll see. You never know what the desert storms will do until the last moment. I enjoy the ra
  5. I have to agree with your theory about the hands not getting irritated. After I crochet for longer than usual, I get a irritated feeling on the outside of my forearms. I don't get a rash though. It's usually gone by the next morning. I think it's from rubbing on my shirt when crocheting.
  6. Very pretty. And love the colors.
  7. Doing well here today. DD and SIL are going to grill burgers this evening for dinner. DD goes to work next week so she's trying to figure out a schedule to help me around the house. I said I'd hire someone but, she's not comfortable with that. She's turned into my mom- LOL! DD#2 in northern Calif is worried about the air quality from the big fire only about 1.5 hours from her home. She said she can smell the smoke in her home it's so bad. It's the biggest fire in California history according to the news. So many fires recently in that state. Katy- That storm sounds frightening. 5 inc
  8. When my DD was in nursing school and doing her clinicals at the hospital, she had to wear arm sleeves to cover her tattoos. Maybe these would help you prevent any skin problems while crocheting. Amazon.com carries them and so do retail medical supplies stores.
  9. I finally got to crochet last night! I enjoyed it so much and added 4 rounds to the large Granny Square blanket I'm working on. However, I did fall asleep during the 3rd round for about 20 minutes and woke up hearing a scream in the movie I had on- LOL. But, I just picked up where I left off and went on. At least I can walk around slowly now with a walker. I even read a little last night- bouncing up and down here. So happy I'm off those pain meds (Not really bouncing, just feeling happy!) Thank you Mona and Mary Jo for the well wishes. I have a few more minutes left on the computer so I
  10. How cute is that?! I love those eyes.
  11. Hi All. Haven't been around due to injuring my back and hip somehow. I woke up with it last week and it's still a mystery how it happened. X-rays showed nothing broken though. Needless to say, I can't sit for very long, so could not use the computer, crochet, nothing. Boring right? I did pop in for 5 minutes at a time to see what was going on, but, due to pain meds, the attention span was not great. As of today, it's just Tylenol. DD has been a great caregiver, even more so than usual. Each day it's a little better and hopefully I can get some crochet done a little later. I've missed it and re
  12. ReniC

    Lost pattern

    Hi! Glad you decided to join us. I believe that is the Tunisian Full Stitch. I love this stitch and enjoy making it too. As Granny Square wrote, Kim Guzman is an expert. To help here is list of her stitches. She also has many informative videos.
  13. Good one. Made me laugh also. And here you go: Chopsticks. Many more cartoons on their site.
  14. Well, you made me smile! What a lovely gift.
  15. GalaxyCrocheter: (Not trying to but in- Just a note to add) I use 100% cotton yarn such as Peaches'n Creme for the Spiral Scrubbies and they work well. I tried one with Hobby Lobby's- I Love This Cotton and it was too soft.
  16. ReniC

    Help with Shawl

    One last mention: Tension can make a shawl curl at the top if it's too tight. Did you check your gauge? The pattern states: GAUGE 15 sc and 16 rows = 4" [10 cm]. Hope this helps.
  17. Very nice. This idea would work well with any holiday or "style" of kitchen towels.
  18. These are lovely. You have such a fine touch with the thread.
  19. GalaxyCrocheter: You hang in there. I'm trying to do the same. Thank God I can still crochet. You might want to try the link Bailey4 included for Scrubbies. They work very well. Hey, that's a good idea for the Veggie Scrubbers. Your cat names sound out of this world! (LOL- sorry about that, couldn't resist. I bet they are cuties.) pineknott: Your 5 drops of rain made me giggle. My DH used to say, "5% chance of rain today, that means 5 drops of rain". He always had something humorous to say. cshort: Hope you and the puppy got along great and no accidents. ratdog: I too tried maki
  20. Thanks Diana. Migraine free today- YAY! Worked a few rounds on the blanket last night. I'm excited about the way the colors are forming on this one. This one's for me! The cardigan sounds interesting. I saw a cardigan pattern yesterday that looked simple/easy. I looked for it this morning again thinking I might want to make it and after an hour finally found it. It's now tucked safely where I can find it.
  21. Krys- That is such a good idea. They're very cute. You can use them for Sock Gnomes also.
  22. I LOVE Beatrix Potter! Her illustrations to this day steals my heart. And I love your frogs. My oldest DD was obsessed with anything from her stories when she was little. She still has all her ceramic characters I gifted her as she grew up. Thanks for sharing that.
  23. Welcome Galaxy Crocheter! Nice to read from a new face on here. I enjoyed reading your post. You do have a way with words. Mary Jo: I understand. Just letting you know you are very appreciated and I hope you're feeling better every day. 🙂 Brenda: You have been a busy lady! Sounds like an enjoyable time. pineknott: I hope you don't get as much downpour at a time as we've been having this last week. Yesterday's storm, a Haboob, was another stinker. My immediate area was not hit too bad but just a few blocks away was flooded, trees down, couple of car accidents, etc., no one h
  24. Sarah Zimmerman has a book of easy Ami patterns. She also has a website that may interest you for easy patterns. Have fun!
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