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  1. Well for Pete's sake! Isn't that a pretty cat- And so calm about the cute dress. Every cat I ever owned never would put up with anything being put on them. Especially when the kids would sneak scotch tape on their paws just to watch them walk and shake their paws at the same time. They'd get the biggest kick out of that until Mom caught what they were doing.
  2. Some call it the Suzette Stitch. https://www.hookedonhomemadehappiness.com/how-to-crochet-the-suzette-stitch/
  3. Hi everyone. Just popping in to look around. Haven't felt great for a couple of days. Come to find out, a stomach bug passed through the family that lasts usually for about 2 days. Of course for me, being an old biddy, it takes a little longer. On the mend though. We're still having excessive heat warnings. I think it was 105°F today, 107°F tomorrow. Guess who's staying indoors? LOL Working on the treasure box for the grandkids still. More to come. Anyone heard from magiccrochetfan? She has not been on in awhile. Hoping all is well with her. bgs: Congratulations to your family. Princess Amelia is beautiful. Her sweet little face made my day. pineknott: You're welcome for the card and butterfly. Recuperation can be annoying but in the long run, therapy will be well worth it. Tampa Doll: Hope the haircut went to your liking. I found out my stylist just started back to work but I'm being a wuss about being in public more than necessary since I already have health problems. I need a cut so bad though. Have a safe a joyful holiday weekend.
  4. ReniC

    Treasure Box Toys

    Thanks for the nice compliments. The cradle purses are the same pattern, just different yarns so the blue one is a tad larger. I'm sure the G-GS will chase his 3 big sisters with the snake. They dote on him so they'll just go along with it I'm sure.
  5. ReniC

    Hand Puppet

    Ahhhhhhh- that's so cute!!
  6. ReniC

    Treasure Box Toys

    The first upload of the snake failed.
  7. ReniC

    Treasure Box Toys

    I finished these for my G-GK's Treasure Box. I still have a few more items to go in the box before mailing.
  8. Oh- looking goooood! It's fun to make afghan from squares. I haven't done one in ages. ETA: Wonder why this posted 2x ?????
  9. Oh- looking goooood! It's fun to make afghan from squares. I haven't done one in ages.
  10. Love these. Especially the pink and white one.
  11. Very nice. Love the matching collar also.
  12. I too think this blanket is very pretty. Well done too.
  13. ReniC

    Spiral Round Ripple

    This is lovely and colorful. It reminds me of a beautiful kaleidoscope I used to have.
  14. Sounds like me sometimes .......just go with what is pleasing.
  15. Lovely coasters and beautiful work as always. I toohave been looking at coasters to make for gifts. Quick, but elegant at the same time.
  16. I'm glad you're home and ready to start the recovery process. Think positive thoughts and know you are in my daily prayers.
  17. ReniC

    Hand Puppet

    Oh. I'm a follower of hers. She does indeed have some sweet patterns. In fact, just the other day she posted a pic on her FB site for a cute owl I'm going to make for one of my G-GD. She loves owls so much. I couldn't find a pattern yet for the RHSS-Polo Stripe yarn yet but, can probably wing it or use another pattern from a bit back she has on her site. Anyway, it should be fast and easy.
  18. Wow! In that short of time it was out of stock. Amazing. What did you decide on? Just curious.
  19. ReniC

    Hand Puppet

    You come up with some of the best ideas!
  20. I haven't seen anything similar but I do see that it's on sale. Yay!
  21. ReniC

    Hand Puppet

    What a cute idea! Just think how many stories can be made to go with the puppet.
  22. ReniC

    Pattern help

    Granny Square DOES explain things beautifully. We are blessed to have such a considerate, sharing member on this forum. Just in case, this short video might help also.
  23. Good Morning Diana: It is a blanket/afghan. I thought it was possibly a Red Heart pattern that in the photo had a child sitting on it, but looking through all of their patterns didn't turn anything up. The pattern obviously was not in my colors.
  24. Please help.........let me know if anyone recognizes where this pattern is from. I came across it while cleaning out a cupboard in my studio but could not find the pattern that should be with it. I always keep all WIP's in large ziplock bags with pattern address, hook size, yarn and website info, but this one was not in a bag. I started this in late 2018 and hadn't seen it until this evening. I put it away when we found out my DH was ill. I'd like to finish it and give it to my oldest G-GD for Christmas. (Disregard the white tie in the middle- it's just a center marker) I hope someone recognizes it! ETA: I checked all of Red Heart and Lion Brand patterns. I thought it was Red Heart's, but not there. ETA2: Found pattern! Lion Brand-Little Boy Blue Blanket.
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