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    Cat Toys

    I forgot to take a pic of the cat toys I made for my GS's 2 kittens so he took one for me. The mice were easy and quick to make. I chose not to put eyes on the grey mouse since the other 2 wound up looking like zombie mice. LOL. The blue toy is made with a piece cut from a paper towel tube, then stuffed. It has a tail on the other side with a small bell on the end. I closed both ends of the toy since I wanted to stuff it to keep it's shape. Patterns: Mouse, Blue Toy
  2. Here's another link on the massive World Wide Web on how to change row colors for perfect stripes. I found it interesting and when I tried it, it worked well. A video is further down below the photo tute.
  3. I'm still working on the drawstring bag. I could have had 3 or 4 made by now if it wasn't for health issues. I must have lost some of my cro-jo too. I did crochet a bit on it last night- Yay!
  4. Have you considered ordering direct from Lion Brand? Also, it seems they have cut back on colors even before the CV-19 struck.
  5. Oh geez- Granny Square; Don't remind me. I am so far behind this year. Usually by now I have 3/4 of everything made and purchased. I don't think there will be any catching up for me on the crochet for this year.
  6. Hi- just checking in. I somehow hurt my hip night before last so, I've been laid up not being able to sit for long. Seems like I get one health problem worked out and another pops up. I did crochet a little last night on the drawstring bag, finally. I'm just going with my own version of a pattern. It's about half way completed. My GS visited yesterday with his girlfriend and she told me she is learning to crochet- Yay! Another youngun about to get addicted. She loves it. It'll be good for her as she works in the neo-natal dept. at the hospital. Talk about a rewarding yet at times stressful job. The crocheting will help with that for her. The GS loved the toys I crocheted for his kittens. I forgot to get a pic of them so I asked him to send me one. It's still warm here- 93°F today, supposedly cooling down to the 80's next week but, still no rain. I'll be happy with cooler temps so I can sit on my back patio and crochet in the fresh air. Yesterday my daughter's Sunday dinner for us was Chicken Marsala. OMGoodness it was so good! I'm so blessed! What's everyone else up to? Hope the afternoon is a sweet one where ever you are.
  7. ReniC

    Doreen K

    I sure hope you didn't slap too hard! 😂 I immediately thought bl= "Block", filet crochet, etc. A link to the pattern sure would help figure this out for our OP. 🙂
  8. You are all welcome. I love coming across patterns that are new to me.
  9. They turned out lovely. I'm sure they'll be very appreciated. I especially like that blue one. But, then again, I'm partial to blues. I made a blue flannel-plaid for my GS in 2017 and it was hard to give up. When I see the photo of it I always remind myself to make another.
  10. In my Saturday morning email from Crochet n Create, this cute Mini-Stocking is the featured pattern. It offers the pattern in British or American crochet terms.
  11. I remember those! They are still on Ravelry.com
  12. Diana: That is really going to be cute. I like the Daisy Farm site and have made several of their patterns. Too bad I keep forgetting to take photos of everything. CRS! Wish I had little ones closer to crochet for- Sigh.......
  13. Definitely the rage right now. Look at all those pretty colors! You did a super job.
  14. They turned out wonderfully and will make someone very happy and warm.
  15. Yup- I'm a likin' this little guy.
  16. Awe- So Cute. They will look great when you decorate for Christmas.
  17. You are amazing! Looks great.
  18. There are some nice patterns to choose from at Daisy Farm Crafts.
  19. I'm sorta clueless on what pattern you're referring to. I made this pattern for one of my daughters several years ago with an orange center and the ruffles in orange and black stripes (minus the beads), then stuck an orange candle holder in the middle. Turned out nice.
  20. Wow- You are fast! It turned out beautiful.
  21. I haven't seen the pattern on Planet June but I do sorta like this one on Ravelry. It would be nice with a battery votive candle on top instead of the crochet flame.
  22. Lion Brand Yarn has a good tutorial section on learning Crochet. They include videos and written instructions for each stitch. Yarnspirations website also has tutorials to learn by. There are several free books on Amazon.com-Kindle Store to help also.
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