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  1. Irish Crochet Collar and Cuffs pattern. There are more lace collar patterns on this same website, but I didn't see any others in the shape of a sailor's uniform collar.
  2. ReniC

    Crochet tips?

    One of my favorites: Stitches should be tight to prevent the stuffing from showing through. This is usually accomplished by using the right size hook.
  3. I thought some might enjoy seeing this pattern: Yarnspirations: C2C Pretty Florals ETA: I read about the materials required on this pattern and had to wonder since the new O'Go yarn by Red Heart is listed, if this doesn't make the pattern a bit more intimidating for some, or at least more time consuming to make since they require the yarn to be cut up into individual colors. I was considering making this, but my preference would be with different skeins of the colors, mot the O'Go. Just sayin".
  4. Sounds exactly like how it was at my MIL's EVERY holiday! My MIL was Irish so she threw in a few of her traditions too like stuffed cabbage and Irish Stew among other things. It was always a feast. St Paddy's day was her favorite for food. Here's my take on a joke for Thanksgiving Day! Maybe I should do this Thursday! Turkey Tan Lines- LOL
  5. Good to know. Thanks! I had a mild headache and fever after the 2nd shot, but it was gone the next morning. DD had a very sore arm immediately after the 2nd shot which lasted almost a week. The RN that gave it said she must have hit a nerve! On another note: No bone-in turkey breasts in this town so daughter found a 10 lb turkey for us. We have 5 major chain grocery stores here and not one had this type turkey. 4 of the 5 stores were out of cranberry sauce and all were out of fresh cranberries! I was able to get everything else on my dinner list. Except I forgot the asparagus. No traditio
  6. I'm not eligible yet for the 3rd shot. GS just got his 1st one last week- finally. GD refuses to get any so she has to stay away from me, wear a mask and walk around with a bucket of antibacterial wipes. After seeing all your posts about the 3rd shot, it sorta scares me since I have health problems to begin with. I'll definitely be getting it though, come hell or high water. Too many people I know have had the disease, even a few that have been vaccinated. So far, 2 deaths in my extended family. Stay safe and enjoy this beautiful Saturday.
  7. Oh thanks Mary Jo! She has some really cute coasters.
  8. Received this Poncho pattern in my email yesterday. If I can find the yarn color I want in time, I will make this for my DD for Christmas. Thought a few would enjoy this cute mini Stocking pattern in UK and US terms.
  9. Not much going on here. It's overcast, but, going to be 71°F this afternoon and no wind. I can't complain about that! DD has to work on Thanksgiving so it will just be my GD, GS and myself. They're going to cook a bone in turkey breast and trimmings for dinner with my instruction, then clean up. We're going to downsize the amounts, but, with plenty of leftovers for them. This ought to be fun. Hope all are well and Smile! It's the sunshine from humans.
  10. Nice reference. Thanks!
  11. Very nice. This is a keeper for me. 😁
  12. I didn't get the bumper crop of roses I usually get this time of year when it cools down. Right now I have only 4 roses on 1 of 3 bushes. 😟
  13. What a neat idea for treats and nice work. I did something similar for fruit bowls a few years ago and included a plastic tray (that go under flower pots to catch water) in each that I got at Home Depot in the garden dept.
  14. ReniC


    OMWord- They are amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Brenda: Funny word graupel. We do get it here occasionally as we are almost 3500 ft elevation. They should have named it "Hail No" since it hurts as bad as hail if you get stuck in it. Lea: I forgot to mention, I use Dash seasoning also. It used to be called Mrs. Dash but I noticed the other day that the "Mrs" was no longer on the label, and after all those years. They do offer several different flavorings and I enjoy all I've tried. I also use Morton Light Salt in cooking sometimes.. My doctor recommended to use iodized salt 2x a week to prevent thyroid or goiter problems. Here's an arti
  16. In case your interested; the first free scarf patterns posted yesterday. 7Days of Scarfie
  17. Katie: Sounds like you've been a busy bee. I enjoy reading your posts. I would bet the recipients of the blankets are so grateful. I saw a blurb in the news a couple of months ago that postal rates were going up temporarily for the holiday season, according to the Postmaster General; Oct 3rd- Dec 26th. I really don't see them lowering these rates though when the holidays are finished. Guess we can just try to be optimistic. Covid is kicking the "cores" out of the apple carts here (pun intended). I watched a interesting science program the other day about all the theories and conspiracy theori
  18. Mona: Glad you got a chuckle. Ah traditions. We had something similar. My MIL made a huge double crust pizza for part of the Italian Christmas dinner tradition carrying on from my DH's grandmother. When my MIL could no longer make it, I took over and changed it to a single crust and added my own touches. Everyone liked it even better than my MIL's and that's saying a lot. The last 2 years I haven't made it and everyone groans when they find out it's no longer available. DD is going to attempt it this year.
  19. Hi All- We're having a high of 71° today but the Fall winds have arrived. As soon as they start coming out of the north, temps usually drop. I say usually cuz who knows anymore what they will bring. Mona: Punch from the drug store?! Must be some good stuff! 🤣 Mary Jo: Stay warm my dear. I'm sure you're beautiful Fla warm days will be there in a snap. In the meantime, crochet a pretty shawl just for these weird weathers. A blue one! Lea: The cabin holiday sounds great! If your 4 sons give you attitude and they won't go to their rooms, tell them they'll each do a time out in the c
  20. You are amazing and a blessing for all the generous and kind donations you make!
  21. It is so refreshing to read posts here day to day to catch up what everyone is in to. Whether it be about repair technicians, Covid-19 or crochet, I do enjoy it. Back in Dec 2020 I inquired in Seeking Patterns about a stitch I fell in love with as the photo and post on that website did not include any info. The original poster did not respond to my inquiry for info on the stitch or yarn used. I forgot that I follow her website and lo and behold, yesterday I got notification about the pattern finally being posted. Anyone interested in the pattern can now copy/download it. It may be my next
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