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  1. Now I've seen it all when it comes to Crochet! Check the pics out on this blog. : http://k-srasra.blogspot.com/2005/09/tree-cozy-updated.html
  2. Great job! Thanks for sharing such a pretty baby throw.
  3. There have been so many wonderful suggestions but all links have been checked and checked and checked by me. I will eventually try to make something similar but my biggest curiousity is who the author of the pattern is and what book is it from? The mystery contiues- LOL Thanks all for looking. I appreciate the help.
  4. How about a pretty, framed doily for the wall? Here's just a sample: Framing A Doily
  5. ReniC

    63 square afghan

    I think it is very pretty. I'm always amazed how colors turn out once they are made into something. Nice job too!
  6. Christal- Love the bag, love the color and love the look. The flower sets it off just right. Isn't that a fun bag pattern? I too would like info on the flower if I may.
  7. Linda- Very pretty! Love the colors too. Looked at your blog a little. Great afghans! Wish I'd have known you were coming to AZ. You probably came thru the town I live by on I-40 going to the Canyon and if you went to the Sky Walk at Grand Canyon West, you probably drove right by my house on Rte 66. We could have had iced tea! Oh well. Glad you enjoyed my fair state.
  8. ReniC

    Striped Ripple Afghan

    Pretty, pretty, pretty! You did such a lovely job.
  9. Whatever you do- don't give up on it! It's worth the work. If you get bored, do like I did and work on little projects for a day or so for distraction, potholders, little doily, etc. Speaking of loose, as you can see by now, there are little spaces by the zig-zags. When my grandson who is a world class comedian, asked" What are the holes for, putting your toes through?", he got the "look" from me. Little skalawag. Then he says, "Oops!"
  10. I use a piece of plywood cut 24" X 24". I bought a package of self adhesive, cork squares 12" X 12" (Wal-Mart) and glued 4 squares onto the board. I glued them because I knew the adhesive would not hold too well. When I block on it, I cover it with a small, square, vinyl tablecloth or Saran Wrap then pin the doily on with non-rusting, quilting, straight pins to the board to dry. If you do not know someone who will cut the board for you, Home Depot or Lowe's will cut it at the store for you.
  11. Just wanted to say thank you for all the kind compliments on the afghan. I hope many others that enjoy making afghans will make this pattern for themselves. It's a great lesson on working on tension and the particular stitches used. I plan to make it again sometime next year.
  12. Sandhya- The link for the free pattern is in my first and I think the 25th post. Also here: Summer Lilacs pattern link Just click the red! and have fun making this pattern.
  13. Hi AnjyB- Maybe a "throw" size would be what you want??? There are different sizes listed all over the Net so you could actually choose whatever size you have enough yarn for. I saw another "Ville members post of a photo for this pattern made in two pretty shades of sage. There's no reason why you couldn't make it in more colors. The pattern goes from top to bottom instead of left to right and there are two rows of each stitch repeated. I think something pretty would come out of three colors!
  14. Yuppers! It shrunk! As I told Toni, this happened once before with this yarn. I still can't find any tips on this procedure, only that crocheters are doing it. I've only read about this happening with RH SS. Also, allergic reactions to this yarn in some cases. If I can get to it tomorrow, I am going to try stuffing the lingerie bag tightly and see how a batch goes.
  15. Hi Toni- I have about 100 skeins in different colors of the RH SS. Yeah I know- I'm a stasher! and no stores here except Wal-Mart. I made the Summer Lilacs Afghan and posted (yesterday) in the show and tell folder. And believe me, it shrunk. And in cold water, a very low dryer setting and taken out when it was still damp. I did get it blocked back to almost the original size. This happened with another afghan last holiday season. It was a gift too. Ugh. Anyway, my concern was tangling also, but I have read so many times that crocheters are laundering this yarn before use but not posting any good tips on how to. I'll try stuffing the lingerie bag one time and see how it goes.
  16. Thank you Debbie Glad you liked it. Here's a link for a 1 Skein Throw. I have had it tucked away for a rainy day but guess what? It doesn't rain much in Arizona! 1 SKEIN THROW (clickie)
  17. I posted this already in Other Crochet Topics in a thread about Rh SS yarn problems but thought it would be more appropriate here. I'd like to eliminate the scratchiness, and shrinking problems before crocheting on the Red Heart Super Saver yarn. How does one launder and dry skeins of acrylic yarn before using for crochet? A previous suggestion was stuffing them in pantyhose first and tying off (great tip) but I have too many skeins for that. Any other suggestions?
  18. Any other suggestions on how to launder skeins of yarn before use? I have about 100 skeins in my stash of RH SS I just might wash instead of get rid of.
  19. Here's just a few links that might peak your interest: Stuffed Pumpkin Another Stuffed Pumpkin Treat Bags Halloween Afghan (at Coats & Clark)
  20. Here's the link for the free pattern at Crochet Magazine: Summer Lilac Afghan It called for 69 oz. but I think I used about 75 oz. I contacted Coats & Clark but never heard back from them. It was a e-mail so maybe it got lost in cyberspace. Who knows. Thanks for the compliments on the afghan. It does a gals heart good for a pat on the shoulder.
  21. Thank you so much for the compliment! Makes it even more worth while. I don't care for this Red Heart yarn anymore because formost the strands kept splitting while crocheting with it. It is also to me thinner than a few years back, very scratchy feeling and it shrunk about 1/4. I washed it in cold water and a VERY gentle cycle on the dryer, just until it was damp then layed it out to pin and block it. Might I add, the top of a spa lid works great for blocking. I've used other RH yarns and have not come across this problem. Anyway, this is my last go round with this yarn unless that's all I can afford in the future (can't give up large crochet pieces, right? ) or the quality improves some.
  22. Hi Gang- I finally got this afghan finished for a niece's house warming gift that I started a couple of months ago. Too many things going on I guess. The pattern is the "Summer Lilacs" and boy it is a yarn piggy! But turned out great after blocking and fiddling with. The pattern is much easier than it looks once you get going. I made it out of Red Heart- Super Saver, Soft White. Won't use it again. I was very disappointed in the yarn. I hope the pic posts otherwise it's at my Webshots folder in Crochet: Summer Lilacs Afghan (clickie) Edit* I did fail to mention it was the 16 oz. skeins I used.
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